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Unknown To conveie monie out of one of your hands into the other by legierdemaine coin travels from hand to hand after false transfer, tapped with knife for sound illusion ("for both the eare and the eie is deceived by this devise")Related toVariations The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Issue XXIV) 184
Unknown How to make two Bels come into one hand, having put into each hand one bell travels from hand to hand, with bell in sleeve to fake sound of bell in hand The Art of Legerdemain Discovered 30
Unknown How to convey money out of one of your hands into the other by Legerdemaine coin travels from hand to hand after false transfer, tapped with knife for sound illusionRelated to The Art of Legerdemain Discovered 48
Unknown La Piece de Monnoie Enfermée Dans une Boîte, d'ou Elle Sort Sans qu'on y Touche coin vanishes from a box audibly and appears in shoe of a spectator, rattle box with spring feather, assistant La Magie Blanche Dévoilée 22
Unknown Producing Clink with Wand when tapping on clothing, two methods (gimmicked wand and ungaffed) Modern Magic 170
Unknown The Rattle Box "To make a Coin vanish from the Box, through still heard to rattle within" Modern Magic 189
Albert Anton Die wandernden Thaler coins travel audibly in glass on table which is covered with a handkerchief, sound gimmick with thread behind table Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 1) 3
Unknown Fake Coin Sound coin secretly dropped into slim glass in the performer's pocket to make it seem it appears in bottle on table Jedermann Zauberkünstler! 41
Karrell Fox The B.S. Coin Pail coin on string attached to handle of pail, string struck for soundVariations Clever.... Like a Fox 159
Unknown The Rattle Box also briefly explained for coins across More Classic Magic with Apparatus 134
Bob Evans Tap II coins jump around in box and make clink sounds by themselvesInspired by
  • "Taps" (L. Vosburgh Lyons, Linking Ring & New Phoenix)
Related to
The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1320
Steve Beam Rattle Wand coin from wand Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 34
Bobby Bernard Illusion spoon, sound of hitting a coin is produced, then a coinRelated to Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 14) 262
David Williamson Money Talks production with sound effects with wand Striking Magic 3
David Williamson Money Talks "Geld klingt"
production with sound effects with wand
Also published here For Your Eyes Only 6
T. Nelson Downs, David Roth Modified Downs Sound Gimmick Expert Coin Magic 361
Jay Sankey Sound For Thought coins across with two sound gimmicks, back into purse as finale Sankey Panky 83
John Kennedy Coin Rattle Device Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 9) 18
David Williamson Money Talks production with sound effects with wandRelated toVariationsAlso published here Williamson's Wonders 27
Robert Parrish The Coin Jar coins appear visibly in candy glass jar, box with glass bottom in lap for sound effectInspired by
  • "The Coin Jar" (Downs, Modern Coin Manipulation, 1900, p. 224)
Great Tricks Revisited 44
Alexander de Cova Coin-Catch coin production gimmick and sound gimmick in bucketInspired by Homemade Magic 9
Christian Scherer Der Zauberstab mit dem Klick construction of a magic wand who does a click when hit on the hand Schlaglichter 186
Tomoya Horiki Fake Beat Move (フェイク・ビート・ムーブ) Audio illusionInspired by Coinlang. 46
Tomoya Horiki 影武者(かげむしゃ) (Kagemusha/Shadow Warrior) Audio illusion for Coins through TableRelated to Coinlang. 48
Tomoya Horiki 4 to 1 Transpo (4トゥ1・トランスポ) Four silver coins placed in shirt pocket, Chinese coin in hand transposes with the four silver coins, audio illusion Coinlang. 53