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Tom Sellers Transforming Break into Step The Jinx 51-100 (Issue Summer Extra 1939) 414
Unknown Jog & Step Fan fan with jog or step Expert Card Technique 326
Unknown Stepping after the Peek delayed action Card Control 36
Arthur H. Buckley The Invisible Location (One Hand) Card Control 38
Warren Wiersbe Peek! delayed control with step fanVariations Mental Cases With Cards 15
Unknown The Step hindu shuffle context The Royal Road to Card Magic 195
Unknown The Step securing control after peek The Fine Art of Magic 33
Unknown Establishing a Step from a Break Control Systems 32
Edward Marlo Delayed Fan Control step fan, as Triple Peek Control, two methods Control Systems 83
Bill Simon Marking a Position in a Card Spread Related to Effective Card Magic 153
Edward Marlo On The Cut retaining step after cut, End Jog and Side Jog Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 103
Dai Vernon Basic Formation of a step More Inner Secrets of Card Magic 41
Unknown Angle Ribbon Spread stepRelated to Close-up Card Magic 67
Unknown Step Spread to force a card to oneself Personal Secrets 32
Dai Vernon Pressure Fan step fanRelated to Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 128
Dai Vernon Spread Location step in spreadRelated toVariations Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 129
Dai Vernon Another Control break obtained above chosen card The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 2) 148
Edward Marlo Putting in the Step five handlingsInspired by Advanced Fingertip Control 10
Edward Marlo Moving the Steps three methodsInspired by Advanced Fingertip Control 13
Edward Marlo The All Around Square Up five methods with steps, including four "Getting Methods" to regain control over the card Advanced Fingertip Control 21
Edward Marlo Further Finesse and Shifting of the Step see step 9. Advanced Fingertip Control 48
Edward Marlo Fantastic Fingertip Controls with step fan, and one hand closing of fan, see also page 85 for "Added Notes on the One Hand Closing of the Fan" Advanced Fingertip Control 60
Unknown Step Break book turnover Innovations (Issue 1) 2
Harry Lorayne Step Handling step in pack while dealing Rim Shots 65
Warren Wiersbe Pressure Fan with step after peek The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 72
Unknown Marking a Position in a Card Spread break to step, different pattern in the spreadRelated to Eine Handvoll Kartenkunststücke 63
Warren Wiersbe Ribbon Spread Control step in spread CardMagic 126
Dai Vernon Step Lay Down after peek Side Steal 25
Unknown Marking a Card in a Spread break to step, different pattern in the spreadRelated to The Commercial Card Magic of Roger Crosthwaite 18
Unknown Retaining a Break while deck is turned over, step Four Professional Card Tricks 12
Unknown Marking a Position in a Card Spread break to step, different pattern in the spreadRelated to Card News '82 145
Unknown Step Fan The Mendoza Portfolio No. 1 150
Roberto Giobbi Step Jog to Break Handling deck set on table with step The Cardmanship of Roberto Giobbi 20
Dai Vernon, Max Malini Peek Control holding break as deck is balanced on fingers, then step fan (1939)Related to The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 29
Dai Vernon Pressure Fan Control The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 195
Edward Marlo A Marlo Control using step handling, with tapping on table Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 265
Ken Krenzel Step on Palm deck laying on hand with fine step Close-up Impact! 177
Edward Marlo Automatic Book Break Cardfixes 57
Ernest Earick Step to Break Transfer By Forces Unseen 31
Unknown The Step Card College - Volume 1 33
Unknown Ribbon Spread and Step Card College - Volume 3 535
Unknown A Spectator holds the Step bold handling Card College - Volume 3 536
Dai Vernon Fan and Step Card College - Volume 3 536
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Injog and Step after the Cut Card College — Volume 3 542
Roberto Giobbi Techniques with Breaks, Steps and Injogs intro Card College — Volume 3 527
Ellis Stanyon The Step No. 21, spectator cuts, remembers bottom card and replaces, hopefully a step remains Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 13
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Unknown The Ribbon Spread Force bold Card College - Volume 4 793
L'Homme Masqué, Unknown The Toss Force Related to
  • "Magic without Apparatus", p. 86
Card College — Volume 4 795
Harry Lorayne Angle Ribbon Spread step, credit claim in AfterthoughtsRelated to Personal Collection 75
Dai Vernon Double Cut Break Handling double cutting with jog, then deck turned over and break retainedAlso published here Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 188
Dai Vernon Fan with Step Card Fictions 54
Ernest Earick Step to Break Transfer break retained as deck is turned over Penumbra (Issue 6) 4
Tenkai Ishida Step Break credit information Enchantments 75
Edward Marlo, Tenkai Ishida Pivot-Step Enchantments 311
Unknown Fan Step Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 28) 97
Unknown Angle Ribbon Spread step spread Special Effects 154
Harry Lorayne Double Angle deck spread face down, two cards named and drawn out, two steps in spread Special Effects 154
Roberto Giobbi The Fan Control - The basic idea
- The Fan Control with Step
- The Fan Control with Key Card
- The Fan Control with Bridge
- The Fan Control with Daub
Confidences 99
Harry Lorayne Angle Spread Handling step spread on table JawDroppers! 242
Harry Lorayne Angle Spread step in tabled spread, two handlings JawDroppers! Two 203
Harry Riser Fan with Break pressure fan with break, results in step The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 101
Howard Hamburg Ribbon Spread Angle Jog Also published here The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 102