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Unknown Deck Vanish by palming whole deck, ditch in pocket Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 12) 180
Unknown Die Kartentasche "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
secret pockets on back of trouser
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 5) 68
Unknown Wie man ein Kartenspiel verschwinden lässt manipulative deck vanish, unload under armpit Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 5) 69
Charles T. Jordan Pocket Ditch as small packet switch Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 367
Unknown Vesting a Card Expert Card Technique 113
Unknown Magic Powder v. Rabbit's Foot motivation to reach in the pocket Expert Card Technique 416
Max Malini Malini's Card Vanish vesting Malini and His Magic 66
Jimmy Kater Deck to Pocket Ditch Expert Card Conjuring 65
Karl Fulves Notes By Fulves (1) into left hand Tenkai palm
(2) simplification
(3) into topit
Inspired by The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 7) 966
Rick Johnsson The Walking Man's Lap ditching cards into pocket Practical Impossibilities 27
Karl Fulves Oblivion loading into shirt (between buttons) Impromptu Holdouts 20
Dr. James Nuzzo Card under Knee Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 256
Karl Fulves Shirt Pocket side steal application Side Steal 34
Edward Marlo, Danny Korem Next To Impossible Card To Wallet from deck to pocketInspired by Card Finesse 158
Ross Bertram Up Front Utility Move ditching card into shirt between buttons Bertram on Sleight of Hand 114
Edward Marlo From Deck Into Jacket card from deck behind right side of jacket Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 306
Unknown Pocket Ditch from Deck left side pocket during body turn The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 99
Paul Rosini Rosini Vester card travels to under vest, shown by Charlie Miller (1940) The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 1
Edward Marlo Waistband Ditch from palm Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 42
Jose Hernandez Trouser-Fold Servante for under the table Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17 No. 8) 2399
Angelo Carbone Humbug deck vanish based on optical illusion
- How to hold Humbug
- Where to hold Humbug
- Lighting Conditions
- Ditching the Deck
- Taking Care of Humbug
Variations Humbug 4
Angelo Carbone Herrmann Pass Palm palming thick packet from bottom in edge grip position Humbug 11
Guy Hollingworth Jacket Ditch using paper clip & magnet Notes on Card Tricks and Other Diversions 26
Frederick Braue Ditching Card in Back Pocket tip The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 7) 9
Christian Scherer Einzelne Karten ins Topit befördern 1. Eine (oder mehrere) Karte(n) vom Spiel ins Topit befördern
(to topit one or several cards from the deck)
2. Eine (oder mehrere) Karte(n) von einem kleinen Paket ins Topit befördern
(to topit one or several cards from a small packet)
2.1 Mehrere Karten in eine verwandeln
(transform several cards into one card)
3. Eine von zwei (als eine Karte vorgezeigt) Karte ins Topit befördern
(topit one of two cards, which are held as one card)
3.1 Sichtbare Verwandlung
(visual transformation)
3.2 Verzögerte Verwandlung
(delayed transformation)
Karten à la carte 91
Unknown Cop Unload into pocket Secrets No. 2 37
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm then ditch into inner pocket Flexing and Twisting 13
Guy Hollingworth An Ambitextrous Interchange several interesting methods Drawing Room Deceptions 65
Guy Hollingworth Jacket Ditching using paper clip & magnet Drawing Room Deceptions 95
Guy Hollingworth Waistband Ditch Drawing Room Deceptions 48
Al Baker Pocket Ditching Ruse Related to Kort 112
Guy Hollingworth Jacket Ditch using paper clip & magnet Excerpts 21
Paul Curry Breast Pocket Ditch Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 134
Ron Frost Ditch One: Misdirection in a Chairful Way Ditch card into jacket while moving from one side of the chair to the other After The Force 71
Ron Frost Ditch Two: Misdirection of the Body Movers Ditch card into jacket while moving from one side of the spectator to the other After The Force 72
Ron Frost Ditch Four: The Day of the Jacket Drop card in jacket pocket while cutting After The Force 72
Karl Fulves Shirting as finger ring is pulled off finger Prolix (Issue 5) 313
Steve Reynolds Loading Card(s) into vest pocket
- Horizontal Loading (First Technique)
- Alternative Single-Card Load
- Horizontal Loading (Third Technique)
- Horizontal Loading (Small Packet)
- Vertical Loading
In-Vestment — Chapter One 9
Benjamin Earl, Angelo Carbone Framework ungaffed deck vanish except one to four cards, simulation of full deck
- The Basic Frame
- Constructing the Z-Frame
- The Visual Deck Vanish
- The Clean-Up
- Ditching The Deck
Inspired by Eye Candy 1
Johnny Thompson Pocket Ditch as pen is removed The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 176