29 entries in Cards / Sleights / Force / Forcing from a small Fan or Spread
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Force from tabled row counting from either end, with eight cards Kartenkünste 14
Unknown Psychological Force one out of four Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 333
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser To Force any Number from One to Eight Greater Magic 196
Unknown To Force the Second Card of a Row of Four Greater Magic 198
Unknown For Forcing One of Two Cards or Piles on the Table Greater Magic 199
Unknown The Second (and Third) Card forcing a card in a tabled row of five Greater Magic 341
Unknown The Third Card from a packet of ten cards Greater Magic 342
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Mental Force Expert Card Technique 271
Unknown Forcing one of Four Cards on Table three method, one with dieRelated to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 271
Unknown Forcing One of Four Cards by Using Deck Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 273
Unknown one of four The Royal Road to Card Magic 94
Charlie Miller Bold Miller Force from fan of small packet, not really a force An Evening with Charlie Miller 31
Victor Farelli Coin Toss Card Force forcing one card out of three, see p. 863 for credit information by Jack PotterRelated to
  • "Magic Wand" No. 206, June-sept 1945, p. 68
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 10) 777
Edward Marlo Forcing one of four Related to Lecture Notes 1 27
Edward Marlo High Card Force spectator is asked to think of highest card Quantum Leaps 141
Roy Walton Alternate Take Force from small packet magician and performer take turn in taking a single card, the values are forced Six Impromptu Card Tricks 18
Richard Sanders Force from Packet Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 10) 6
Karl Fulves One out of Four Force number from one two four, involves spelling Self-Working Handkerchief Magic 168
Karl Fulves Inch By Inch "diminishing force", card from end is eliminated every time an item is placed on tabled spreadInspired by
  • "Synonymental" (Ed Mellon, first phase)
The Chronicles (Issue 31) 1369
Eugene Burger Card Force one of eleven cards is forced The Experience of Magic 115
Ellis Stanyon Forcing the Choice of One of the Three Cards on the Table No. 7, three duplicate force cards palmed into play Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 274
Ellis Stanyon Naming a Number Between One and Four No. 15, counting from left or right Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 276
George G. Kaplan The "Stop" Fan Discovery Related to ZauberKunstStücke — Band 1 59
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Force from tabled row counting from either end Hofzinser's Card Tricks 23
Ron Bauer Hofzinser Fan Force under-spread fan force Chick Trick 16
Pit Hartling, Helge Thun A Force one of four packets, magician's choice Card Fictions 38
Michael Raeburn Psychological Force from Small Packet Best of Friends - Volume III 319
Fredric Payne, Juan Tamariz May the Force be With You bold idea to force one of three cards, giving them characteristics , asking for a characteristic and then claiming that the force card is the chosen oneRelated to
  • "The Impressionable Joker" (Fredric Payne, Simply Wizard, Goodliffe, p. 77)
Hidden Agenda (Issue Sep 15) 266
Christopher James Rose, Paul Vigil The Five-Card Force one of five cards forced The Doors of Deception 163