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Unknown A Perpendicular Palm kind of perpendicular lateral palm More Magic 136
James Steranko Chapter Four - The Lateral Palm chapter intro, "Certainly, I do not contend to have invented this method of holding a card." Steranko on Cards 18
James Steranko Top Palm with Lateral Palm details Steranko on Cards 18
James Steranko Bottom Palm Steranko on Cards 20
James Steranko Replacements to top or bottom Steranko on Cards 21
James Steranko Center Jog Palm insertion steal into right hand lateral palm Steranko on Cards 25
James Steranko Diagonal Jog Shift Palm to right hand lateral palm from injogRelated to Steranko on Cards 26
James Steranko Side Steal Lateral Palm ti right hand lateral palm from break Steranko on Cards 27
James Steranko Steranko's Shadow Steal - card into right hand Lateral Palm as top half is replaced
- as direct control to top
- as color change from center to top
Related toVariations Steranko on Cards 22
James Steranko The Push Off Spread holding out a lateral palmed card during in-the-hands spread Steranko on Cards 30
James Steranko Spread Replacement placing lateral palmed card at wanted position during in-the-hands spread Steranko on Cards 31
James Steranko Packet Replacement Variation addition to packet, or card-at-a-number Steranko on Cards 31
James Steranko, Jerry Andrus Riffling the Deck two-handed riffling while holding out lateral palmed card Steranko on Cards 32
James Steranko Lateral Afterthoughts - crimping
- transfer to Tenkai or Rear Palm
- different anchor fingers
Steranko on Cards 34
Edward Marlo Lateral Palm in the context of a move, see fig. 49 Card Switches 21
Karl Fulves Direct Cop - Second Method tabled, from center, kind of longitudinal laterl palm Riffle Shuffle Technique - Preliminary Notes on Part Two 88
Jerry Andrus The Top Clip Slip from the top to sort of a lateral palm Andrus Card Control 26
Jerry Andrus Side Delivery Palm from center, angly Andrus Card Control 37
Jerry Andrus Stainless Steal Andrus Card Control 45
Jerry Andrus Super Sleight steal from center to lateral palm, while pushing card in Andrus Card Control 47
Jerry Andrus Super Change card transforms into selection Andrus Card Control 47
Jerry Andrus Swivel Clip center to right clip / lateral palm Andrus Card Control 57
Slydini Fan Steal in two phasesRelated to The Best of Slydini ...and More 75
James Steranko, Henry Bihari, Jerry Andrus Lateral Palm Side Steal Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 11) 268
James Steranko Lateral Palm Position CardMagic 42
Edward Marlo The Fingertip Steal from center to top Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 95
Edward Marlo Another Fingertip Side Steal Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 99
Arturo de Ascanio Lateral Palm Steal palming cards from a small packet into a lateral palm El Manejo de la Carta Doble 14
Richard Kaufman Lateral Palm Switch one for one of several palmed Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 9) 69
James Steranko, Jerry Andrus Lateral Palm Side Steal Best of Friends 399
Dennis Marks Lateral Palm Hold Out shuffling while holding a card in lateral palm Best of Friends 399
Dennis Marks Lateral Palm Replacement Best of Friends 401
Edward Marlo Bottom Lateral Palm right hand Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 251
Dai Vernon Given the Slip four cards at face of packetsRelated to The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 3 75
Ellsworth Lyman Cloyes Palm Position credit information for Lateral Palm Ultra Cervon 126
Harry Lorayne, Dan Garrett Lateral Palm Transfer double is replaced on deck, bottom of double transferred to bottom Trend Setters 214
Simon Aronson Lateral Palm Double Change top and bottom cards shown, they then change to two previous selections, also as Ace production in comment (2) The Aronson Approach 44
Dan Garrett The Knuckle Busting Ultra Garrett Spinning One-Hand Lateral Palm Platform Card Transformation (With Triple Change Option) see also p. 817 for more ideasRelated toAlso published here The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 36) 641
Arturo de Ascanio Lateral Palm Steal palming cards from a small packet into a lateral palm La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 6 26
Ernest Earick Lazy-Susan Tabled Palm tabled palm in left hand lateral palm By Forces Unseen 127
Lennart Green The Basic Move audible simulated placement Snap Deal 5
Lennart Green The Basic Application stealing a card out of deck via Snap Deal Snap Deal 8
Lennart Green Misdirection tips for the Snap Deal Snap Deal 12
Lennart Green The Grouped Snap Deal Snap Deal with multiple cards Snap Deal 14
Carlos Vaquera The Lateral Palm Catch Siamese Signatures and Other Oddities 15
Dan Garrett One-Hand Swivel (O.H.S.) Card Change lateral palm, also as double ("triple") changeAlso published here Top 10 9
Carlos Vaquera The Lateral Palm Catch Flexing and Twisting 12
Guy Hollingworth Regarding the switching of cards. Two lateral palm, two switches Drawing Room Deceptions 151
Guy Hollingworth Lateral Palm Drawing Room Deceptions 55
Baltazar Fuentes Subway Pivot Transfer from right-hand Lateral Palm to left-hand packet I'm Dancing 39
Wesley James Low Lateral Palm The Position Enchantments 357
Wesley James The Deal-Out Subtraction "alpha", secret subtraction alternative, using low lateral palm Enchantments 359
Wesley James Low Lateral Control lateral palm from center Enchantments 361
Wesley James Low Lateral Conversions - Low Lateral Palm to Gambler's Flat Palm
- Low Lateral Palm to Tenkai/Slydini/Marlo Palm
- Low Lateral Palm to Bold Steal
- Gambler's Flat Palm to Low Lateral Palm
- Tenkai to Low Lateral Palm
- Bold Steal to Low Lateral Palm
- To and From Gambler's Flat Palm
Enchantments 364
Wesley James Low Lateral Steals - Top Steal
- Bottom Steal
- Middle Steal
Enchantments 370
Wesley James Add-Backs Low Lateral Palm Replacements
- Standard Add-Back
- No Contact Add-Back
- Bottom Add-Backs
Enchantments 367
Wesley James Low Lateral Switches - Low Lateral Addition
- Low Lateral Substitution (with half-pass on top of deck under cover cards)
Related to Enchantments 373
Arturo de Ascanio Lateral Palm Steal palming cards from a small packet into a lateral palm The Magic of Ascanio — Studies of Card Magic 98
Unknown Lateral Palm Steal Stealing bottom card into Lateral PalmRelated to 实战魔术 Real Magic 12
Peter McKinnon Crow double, one-handed change Burn After Reading 8
James Steranko, Guy Hollingworth The Lateral Palm position, angles, covers Renovations 6
Guy Hollingworth Lateral Top Palm Renovations 11
Unknown Lateral to Deep Tenkai Palm Renovations 14
Lennart Green Snap Deal The Secrets of So Sato 53
Vanni Bossi The Fan Flip Steal a few cards fanned in right hand, fan closed and taken into other hand, face card(s) stolen into left hand low lateral palm The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 62
Harapan Ong Straight Ace four Aces produced in empty hands at once in straight line Principia 40
Alexander Hansford Lateral Palm Switch Kino. 68
Alexander Hansford Modified Vernon Switch Inspired by Kino. 70