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Charles T. Jordan Loading a Card at a Position loading a cased card at certain position while putting cards back in case
Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks 3
Charles T. Jordan Case Addition cards left in case added to center of inserted packet
The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Card Tricks) 10
Unknown Case Flap between Cards and Deck
The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 66) 459
Walter B. Gibson Card Case Glimpse "Flap-Flap" card put in card case is glimpsed later
The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 86) 548
Unknown Flap Insertion separating card from rest while closing case
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 197
Unknown Stealing Card from Case
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 239
J.B. Findlay Card Vanish card unload in case
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 347) 215
Edward Marlo Case Flap between Cards and Deck to later do some kind of Extractor strategy in jacket
Card to Wallet 22
Ken Krenzel Case Lap card beneath case is lapped
Epilogue (Issue Special No 2) 246
Roger Smith Plunger from Case
Innovative Magic No. 3 33
Edward Marlo A Card Case Tip removing only one flap
Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 203
Kevin Davie Card Load loading a card into a different deck
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4) 827
Michael Ammar Card Case Switch three strategies
The Command Performance - Premier Issue 3
Unknown Flap Insertion to Separate Cards when closing card case with deck in it
Cardworks 13
Matt Corin Good Opener method to open the seal of a new deck of playing cards, by tapping it on the table
Babel (Issue 2) 7
Jay Bedsworth Card Extraction from Case card from inside case to outside case
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 5) 914
Brother John Hamman Card from Case Steal card in case is stolen out onto tabled deck
The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 125
Unknown Deck Extraction from behind Case
Das Buch zur Body-Servante 11
Unknown Deck Extraction from behind Case
Ein Profi packt aus... 141
Chris Powers Card from Box deck case, selection penetrates case, palmed out from case
Roger's Thesaurus 122
Felix Farrell Stealing Card out of Card Case
Aus dem Effeff... 38
David Harkey, Eric Anderson Bottom Feeder cased sandwiched card turns out to be later selection, featuring an strip-out addition type handling to add cards from deck to cards that are taken out of case
Ah-ha! 50
Doug Conn Conn's Opener adding cards to packet from underneath cellophane, see also p. 165 and p. 173 for applications
Tricks of my Trade 153
Steve Beam The Widow Maker Aces change into Kings, color change in card case
VariationsAlso published here Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 4 230
Scott Robinson Boxed Set Aces change into Kings, color change in card case
Inspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 219
Kostya Kimlat Reloaded Cardcase "Schulien Reloaded", card comes from box, is apparently removed but still inside via switch
Best of Friends - Volume III 225
Ken Krenzel Cased Clip Slip stealing card from cased deck into left hand
Related to Relaxed Impossibilities 101
Daniel Garcia DG Box Steal Method to steal a card that was placed inside a cardbox back onto the deck
Limited 27
Eddie Fechter A Card Location card pushed inside case
The F.F.F.F. Book 176
Steve Beam The Widow Maker color change in card case
Also published here Gourmet Card Magic 2
Jason Ladanye Deck Lap from case
Confident Deceptions 151
Michael Close Deck under Box
Lecture Notes 14
Doug Edwards A Mysterious Case vinyl card packet opens by itself
Nukes 146
Mike Pisciotta Card Thru Box with technique for getting card from inside case to outside
From the Depths 23
Ryan Schlutz The Double Out Box card removed from card case, two-way out
Related to False Anchors - Volume Two 5
Jeremiah Zuo Excursus 3: FOAL (Flip-Over Action Load) one-handed load of card under case as it is placed on table with deck in same hand
Also published here
  • The Hallucinogenic Effect (lecture notes, 2007)
Confessions of A Magic Fan 23
Jeremiah Zuo Queen Scream Queens on table, unknown selection in case, Queens lost in deck one by one, they travel under case or appear near it, for last Queen the case appears on deck, story presentation
  • The First Abduction (FOAL Revelation)
  • The Second Abduction
  • The Third Abduction (Don't Try to be a Hero)
  • The Final Attack The Magic Ranch Steal ("Biddle Box Steal")
  • Denouement
Inspired by
  • "Scary Movie Card Trick" (Zuo, Antinomy, Vol. 4 No. 14)
Confessions of A Magic Fan 64