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Unknown To allow a Person to think of a Card, and to make that Card appear at such Number in the Pack as Another Person shall Name card and its position remembered, bluff counting started with that number, with variationRelated to Modern Magic 52
Carl Willmann Verschiedenes anecdote about David Tobias Bamberg, Okito Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 6) 95
Robert Lenz Zur Karten-Piéce "Die wievielte Karte!" simplified methodInspired by Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 11) 166
Carl Willmann David Tobias Bamberg Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 7) 97
David Tobias Bamberg "Die wievielte Karte?" spectator cuts to a card and replaces, then remembers its position from the face, performer claims to make it the twenty-sixth card, count started from remembered positionRelated toVariations Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 7) 100
David Tobias Bamberg David Tobias Bamberg's Egg Bag large bag, fifteen eggs produced and a life henAlso published here Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 354
David Tobias Bamberg Coin in Ball of Wool Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 355
David Tobias Bamberg Ring in Ball of Wool knotted onto end Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 359
Theo "Okito" Bamberg, David Tobias Bamberg Checker Cabinet box with three doors, pile of checkers placed under a tube and a glass with a handkerchief into the box, transposition The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs 127
David Tobias Bamberg The Bamberg Egg Bag large bag, fifteen eggs produced and a life henAlso published here Knowing the Egg Bag 30