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Billy O'Connor To Make Cards "Slippery"
Farelli's Card Magic - Part Two 75
Victor Farelli Poker and Brag Four Aces produced in "magic gambling" routine via dealing procedure
Inspired by
  • "After the Four Ace Trick" (Billy O'Connor, The Magic Wand, June-Sept 1935)
"Lend Me Your Pack" 33
Billy O'Connor A Memory Feat naming any card at any number
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 365
Billy O'Connor The Bill in the Envelope burned bill reappears in empty envelope, number checked
The Magic Annual for 1937 29
Billy O'Connor The Limit Four Ace Trick seven aces are used
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 295
Billy O'Connor Two Card Discovery card stabbed in deck by spectator next to two selections, short card
Greater Magic 469
Billy O'Connor Instanto cutting to any named card, gaffed deck
Related to The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 115) 677
Billy O'Connor Rising Cards using "Instanto" deck
The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 115) 678
Billy O'Connor Cutting Off any Number of Cards using "Instanto" deck
The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 115) 680
Billy O'Connor Introduction
Card Fantasies 6
Billy O'Connor O'Connor's Four-Ace Trick 10-20 force to find four Aces one by one
Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 20
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Flip Deck cutting to any named card, gaffed deck
Related to The Cardiste (Issue 4) 13
Billy O'Connor Ten-Twenty Force
Reputation-Makers 38
Karl Fulves Thoughts Of Others card written down by a spectator is though of during riffling by other spectator, O'Connor's Instanto Pack
Related to Blocking Off 11
Karl Fulves Side Effects gaffed deck with various shortened cards, cutting to any card of tabled deck
Related to Blocking Off 32
Jack Avis, Billy O'Connor O'Connor Caper two cards predicted and mates via count-back force (10-20 force), credit information
Inspired by
  • Billy O'Connor trick in The Magic Wand
Vis à Vis 131
Cardini Name-O-Card cutting to any named card
Related to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 8) 296
Karl Fulves Speller Notes A. on locating previous trick
B. Instanto Deck and any card spelling
C. short routine to spell any named card impromptu, face-up counting and turnover pass
D. cutting as deck is dumped from case
Related to Prolix (Issue 2) 100
Billy O'Connor The Flip Flop Cut
Also published here
  • "But Not To Play" (Wilfred Jonson)
The Anthology of One Handed Card Cuts and Flourishes 45
Billy O'Connor Ten-Twenty Force
Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 127
Billy O'Connor Ten-Twenty Force
Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 292
Doug Edwards, Billy O'Connor, Cardini Billy O'Connor's Instanto Deck how to build an Instanto deck, more ideas
Related to Nukes 63