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Jeff Busby (reviewer) The Overhand Shuffle Action Palm by Bob Stencel (written by George Joseph) Epoptica (Issue 1) 47
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Hand Mucking by George Joseph Epoptica (Issue 1) 47
George Joseph Introduction "The Overhand Shuffle" Action Palm
George Joseph Author's Note Hand Mucking
George Joseph The Gamblers Palm Hand Mucking 1
George Joseph The Classic Palm Hand Mucking 2
George Joseph The Pinch Palm thumb palm Hand Mucking 2
George Joseph Switching Palms - Classic Palm To Gamblers Palm
- Classic Palm To Pinch Palm
- Gamblers Palm to Classic Palm
- Gamblers Palm to Pinch Palm
- Pinch Palm to Classic Palm
- Pinch Palm to Gamblers Palm
Hand Mucking 3
George Joseph Two Card Muck Variations Hand Mucking 22
George Joseph Mucking Demonstration not for actual games Hand Mucking 26
George Joseph One Card Stud Poker Hand Mucking 32
George Joseph The Challenge Muck using lap Hand Mucking 36
George Joseph One Card Pick Up Hand Mucking 43
George Joseph About the Author Hand Mucking 51
Father Alex The Turnover Muck Card switched as it is turned overInspired by Lecture Notes: Hand Mucking 5
George Joseph Sticky Signature crayon signature makes card sticky, stage and close-up handling The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 107