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Royal Vale Heath The Lucky Number Magic Square 3x3 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 16) 79
Royal Vale Heath Magic Squares chapter on Magic Squares, discussing
- The Three Square
- The Five Square
- Odd and Even Cell Squares
- The Eight Square
- The Six Square
Greater Magic 911
Royal Vale Heath Figure Fantasy Fibonacci principle The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 91) 568
Royal Vale Heath One In Millions! interesting My Best 138
Royal Vale Heath "Magic Square" Magic card selection in combination with magic square, total of square indicates position in the rest of the deck Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 9) 103
Royal Vale Heath DY-Cyphering Trick method of quickly calculating five three digit numbers, second method with dice My Best 242
Royal Vale Heath Take a Number from 1 to 30 number on cards, numbers in column add on My Best 246
Royal Vale Heath Tap Tap Tap selection and five other cards are put in envelopes, performer taps the envelopes and spectator mentally spells his card, when he stops the performer his hand is on the correct envelope, using deck with different backs (rainbow) The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 201) 802
Royal Vale Heath Retrospecs card is held behind performer, who divines it, mathematical, see also p. 841, glasses sight gag, Fibonacci sequence The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 209) 834
Royal Vale Heath, John Scarne Heath's Master Speller No. 15, Ace to king packet arranged, random card cut to, value spelled repeatedly to get Ace to King in sequence Scarne on Card Tricks 31
Walter B. Gibson, Royal Vale Heath Gibson's Circled Dates Five dates are circled on a calendar month, magician asks how many Mondays/Tuesdays... are circled, magician can divine the sum total of the circled dates Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 48
Unknown, Eddie Joseph Tapping the Hours Spectator think of any hour on the clock, magician tap the clock at random points, eventually will end counting on the thought-of hour. Variation by Eddie Joseph using blank cards with wordsVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 50
Royal Vale Heath Heath's Bill Trick Serial number divination, very mathematical Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 52
Unknown Which Hand? Divine which hand holds dime and which hand holds pennyVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 59
Royal Vale Heath Heath's Variation Which Hand, divine which hand holds nickel and which hand holds pennyInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 60
Royal Vale Heath Heath's "Tappit" Tapping the Hours type of trick, but with colored tiles and numbers printed on themInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 102
Royal Vale Heath, Ed Balducci Heath's "Di-ciphering" Five dice with different three digit numbers on each face. Roll the dice, magician can very quickly give the sum of the numbers rolled Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 106
Karl Fulves, Royal Vale Heath Left-Handed Thoughts No. 45, different coin in each hand, spectator does quick mental calculation and performer is able to name the result Self-Working Table Magic 55
Royal Vale Heath A Mathemagical Magic Square reprinted from referenceRelated to
  • The Sphinx, August 1936
Instant Magic Square 4
Al Mann Wizard's Walk telephone book test over the phone, mathematical principleRelated to
  • "Arithmetical Whoopee" in Royal Vale Heath's "Math-E-Magic", 1953
Phantom Voices 8