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Frank Thompson F.T. Cut Variations Super Subtle Card Miracles 143
Harry Lorayne Goin' Fishin' pop-out production using HaLo CutRelated toVariations Afterthoughts 40
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean showing both hands empty while hiding a coinVariationsAlso published here Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 7) 368
Michael Ammar Card Matrix cards visually assemble instead of coins underneathRelated toAlso published here Encore II 2
Wayne Dobson Eye-Tray cigarette apparently pushed in eye, ends up in mouthRelated to Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #1 (Summer)) 4
David Roth The Original Chinese Coin Assembly No-card coin assembly, hands as only coverVariations Expert Coin Magic 65
Ken Simmons A-Bend-Ment rubber band around deck, vanishes, encircles card in centerVariations Riffling the Pasteboards 1
Gary Kurtz Artistic License modern art theme, yellow and blue sections on a card morph to greenVariations Unexplainable Acts 65
Roger Klause Billusion bill appears from purse frame, changes, vanishes againVariations Roger Klause: In Concert 75
Chris Kenner Travlrs 1 Variations Totally Out Of Control 40
Chris Kenner Paint by Numbers triumph with four Royal Flush climax, which are "painted" on rubber back of close up padInspired byVariations Totally Out Of Control 140
Chris Kenner Must be 21 to enter streamlinedVariations Totally Out Of Control 145
Chuck Smith Imaginary 21 Card Trick in effect a card is chosen under table and named by magicianVariations What If? 12
Paul Cummins Six Packet Display Variation new choreographyInspired byVariations from a shuffled deck in use... Part One 2
Matt Grover Switchipu multi-phase routine, with coin purseInspired by
  • Doug Conn's "Cipper Solver" in "Magic" October, 1995. P. 56.
Trephine 58
Doug Conn Spongology sponge bunnies routine intro Tricks of my Trade 58
Doug Conn Smoke Poke cigarette pushed into eye socket, reappears between lips when performer turns aroundRelated to Tricks of my Trade 63
Doug Conn Weighing the Aces performer cuts to the Aces, performer cuts off same amount as spectator cuts off and as spectator names, breather Tricks of my Trade 66
Doug Conn Diamond Mine with Ace through Seven, named number changes suit, then all cards change to reverse situation, two handlings Tricks of my Trade 75
Doug Conn Conn Gets Purse'n'l collection of purse frame ideas, see following items Tricks of my Trade 79
Doug Conn The Purse'n'l Vanish coin vanishes in purse frame Tricks of my Trade 79
Doug Conn The Purse'n'l Production coin appears from purse frame Tricks of my Trade 81
Doug Conn The Purse'n'l Change coin grows to jumbo coin, with purse frame Tricks of my Trade 82
Doug Conn The Purse'n'l Load silk from purse frameInspired by Tricks of my Trade 83
Doug Conn Cornered Coins four coins vanish from hand and appear visible in corners of close-up surface one by one, misdirection Tricks of my Trade 86
Doug Conn Long Distance Call to the Colors with full deck separation climax Tricks of my Trade 90
Doug Conn The Pincher Change sandwiched card switched for top card of deck, in-the-hands and tabled handling, quick transformation application Tricks of my Trade 94
Doug Conn Tabled Alignment Move Tricks of my Trade 96
Doug Conn Flush Brush triumph with four Royal Flush climax, which are "painted" on rubber back of close up padInspired by Tricks of my Trade 99
Doug Conn Impossible 21 Card Tricks Inspired by Tricks of my Trade 105
Doug Conn Scramble chink-a-chink with scrabble letters Tricks of my Trade 111
Doug Conn Pip Trip the four pips on a Four value assemble in one corner of the card Tricks of my Trade 121
Doug Conn An Artistic Application colored sections on card transform, art theme, named colorInspired by Tricks of my Trade 127
Doug Conn Rubber Room Change rubber banded deck, face card changes, Erdnase first transformation Tricks of my Trade 132
Doug Conn Tricked Traveler every suit named before travelInspired by Tricks of my Trade 134
Doug Conn Three Lumps coins to glass with coffee cup
- The Non-Gaffed Version
- The Gaffed Version
Tricks of my Trade 146
Doug Conn Spin Load cup is spun on the table with a hand from above as coin is dropped in Tricks of my Trade 146
Doug Conn Three Peace's - Peace spectator cuts deck into piles, top card of chosen pile is put in case, some answers are spelled and another card chosen, the cards give color, suit and value of card in case Tricks of my Trade 153
Doug Conn Conn's Opener adding cards to packet from underneath cellophane, see also p. 165 and p. 173 for applications Tricks of my Trade 153
Doug Conn Peace At Any Time selection lost in deck, then cards produced that match color, suit and value of card, finally those three cards change into selection, blendo Tricks of my Trade 157
Frank Thompson, Doug Conn Thompson False Cut Variation Inspired by Tricks of my Trade 159
Doug Conn Brute Peace two decks, spectator names color and from one deck a card of this color is produced, repeated with suit and value, the resulting card is reversed in second deck Tricks of my Trade 162
Doug Conn The Double Play Production also with doubleRelated to Tricks of my Trade 167
Doug Conn Double Play selection produced, changes into second selection Tricks of my Trade 166
Doug Conn Side-Steal Strategy gag to cover two side steals Tricks of my Trade 166
Doug Conn Conn's Fusion two cards marked on back fuse into double backer Tricks of my Trade 170
Doug Conn Evening Up The Odds small cards on coins, the cards assembleInspired byRelated to Tricks of my Trade 175
Doug Conn Quadruple Bypass sandwich effect, center card penetrates à la Close-up Illusion, it stretches and finally shrinks Tricks of my Trade 182
Paul Cummins, Doug Conn Conn in Print Tricks of my Trade 192
Doug Conn Doug's Acknowledgements - Doug's Theory Section Tricks of my Trade
Doug Conn Chameleon Sandwich sandwich effect followed by color changing deck surprise Tricks of my Trade 1
Doug Conn Triumph Tools some finesses for Triumph Tricks of my Trade 9
Doug Conn Tight Triumph Display four packetsInspired by Tricks of my Trade 10
Doug Conn The Inflated Deck as a Triumph convincer, credit information on p. 14 Tricks of my Trade 13
Doug Conn ESJoker odd-backed Joker pushed in deck, cards on either side divined and actually written in talk-bubble on Joker Tricks of my Trade 15
Doug Conn Particle Press invisible particles apparently collected and pressed into a coinInspired by Tricks of my Trade 21
Doug Conn Fit to be Tie'd coin folded into bottom of tie vanishes Tricks of my Trade 24
Doug Conn Taking it Dice and Easy three tricks with dice and cards, see the following three items Tricks of my Trade 27
Doug Conn Coincidice four dice rolled, each number counted off top of deck, last cards match all four numbers Tricks of my Trade 27
Doug Conn Fourtunate four dice used to count down to cards, they are the four Aces Tricks of my Trade 29
Doug Conn Criss Cross Force Handling involving dribbling the cards Tricks of my Trade 30
Doug Conn Random Specificity three selections shuffled in deck, two dice used to arrive at numbers which are counted down, selections are found there Tricks of my Trade 31
Doug Conn Rubber Revelation rubber band wrapped around deck vanishes, around card in center, this and the cards beside it are Aces to match a previous selectionInspired by Tricks of my Trade 33
Doug Conn Ambush in Blue odd-backed collector cards Tricks of my Trade 38
Doug Conn Copper, Silver, Brash copper and silver coins transpose three times, hands, then with table or spectator, then with coin purse Tricks of my Trade 43
Doug Conn Purse Ploy Switch Out Tricks of my Trade 48
Doug Conn Three-Peat empty coin purse, three coins produced, vanished, reproduced Tricks of my Trade 51
Doug Conn Tic Tac Turnover flourishy turnover of card between the two first fingers in the air by blowing on it Tricks of my Trade 56
Doug Conn Cooking with Conn & Daley Variation of Dr. Daley's Last Trick with Aces changing to Queens as a climax The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 49
Doug Conn Double Play pop-out for double card Reinventing the Real 100
Doug Conn Impossible Speller Mentally selected card revealed by spelled to it. Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 10 21