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Mark Lefler Topless topless performer with a coat, shirt appears
Related to The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 24) 405
Angelo Carbone About Humbug
Humbug 4
Angelo Carbone Humbug deck vanish based on optical illusion
  • How to hold Humbug
  • Where to hold Humbug
  • Lighting Conditions
  • Ditching the Deck
  • Taking Care of Humbug
Variations Humbug 4
Angelo Carbone Deck Vanish I deck vanishes except for selection and its mate, using Humbug
Humbug 7
Angelo Carbone Deck Vanish II deck vanishes except for selection, using Humbug
Humbug 9
Angelo Carbone Imaginary Deck deck on table, second deck vanishes from hand, hallucination presentation, using Humbug
Humbug 10
Angelo Carbone Cased Vanish deck vanishes from case except for selection, using Humbug
Humbug 11
Angelo Carbone Herrmann Pass Palm palming thick packet from bottom in edge grip position
Humbug 11
Angelo Carbone Tight Squeeze red-backed deck is "merged" into blue deck, it's still one deck but red-blue alternating, optional rough-smooth, using Humbug
Humbug 13
Angelo Carbone Deck Through Case using Humbug
Humbug 13
Angelo Carbone Deck Through Table using Humbug
Humbug 14
Angelo Carbone An Automatic Control bluff pass with Humbug gimmick
Humbug 15
Angelo Carbone Elevator Card outjogged card travels visually upwards next to selection, using Humbug
Humbug 16
Angelo Carbone Visual Deck to Pocket using Humbug
Humbug 17
Angelo Carbone Final Notes
Humbug 18
Angelo Carbone Out of Order four cards riveted together, center two cards exchange, examinable
  • Effect
  • What you receive
  • How it works
  • Set up
  • Performance
Related toVariations Out of Order 1
Bob King, Ted Biet, Angelo Carbone, Jon Allen, Duane Henry, Frank Chambers, Michael Mander, Nick Fitzherbert, Harry Lorayne Bonus Section various tips on preparation & performance of "Out of Order"
Out of Order 8
Angelo Carbone Final Points
Out of Order 15
Angelo Carbone Striking Art performer removes match from drawn matchbox on a pad and strikes it on striking surface on paper
The Minotaur (Vol. 7 No. 1) 9
Dan Harlan, Marvin Leventhal About the Contributors on Marc Paul, Zelek Shadline (pseudonym), Anthony Davis, Anthony Owen, Angelo Carbone, Jon Allen
The Minotaur (Vol. 7 No. 1) 11
Paul Burdick Above Board Mental Epic triple prediction with three luggage tags that are screwed together, topological method
Related to The Minotaur (Vol. 8 No. 1) 1
Denis Behr, Angelo Carbone Oil & Water Finale cards separate even though they are pinned together with brass fastener, gaffed
Inspired by Handcrafted Card Magic 76
Benjamin Earl, Angelo Carbone Framework ungaffed deck vanish except one to four cards, simulation of full deck
  • The Basic Frame
  • Constructing the Z-Frame
  • The Visual Deck Vanish
  • The Clean-Up
  • Ditching The Deck
Inspired by Eye Candy 1
Benjamin Earl Finding Four Aces with Framework deck vanishes except four aces or four-of-a-kind matching selection
Related to Eye Candy 5
Andi Gladwin ScriptedBored with script read aloud by spectator
Inspired by
  • "Rainman" (Lennart Green, The Green Northern Lights Magic, 2008)
  • "Silent Treatment" (Jon Allen, marketed effect)
  • "Cue the Magic" (Angelo Carbone, marketed effect)
The Boy Who Cried Magic 235