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Sam Schwartz Thot Echo two card location, straight set-upRelated toVariationsAlso published here Card College — Volume 1 149
William Goodwin Hold the Mayo four Aces appear between two black KingsRelated toAlso published here
  • "Hold the Mayo" (Goodwin, At The Expense of Gray Matter, p. 11)
Card College — Volume 4 954
Ben Train Three Card Monte Burns queens find black aces one by one, then change into red acesInspired byVariations Anteater Consortium 5
Ben Train Training Wheels four-at-once production or splitting Four spot into four Aces Anteater Consortium 11
Ben Train Detour on 51st Street shuffle tracking two cards and selection, faro Anteater Consortium 18
Ben Train Segue face-up/face-down shuffle deck changes so that all red cards except black selection turn in one direction Anteater Consortium 23
Ben Train The Trinity Concept control concept for three cards with partial set-up, multiple presentationsRelated to Anteater Consortium 28
Ben Train Introduction Anteater Consortium 3
Ben Train And So It Begins approaching groups and beginning tricks Anteater Consortium 15
Ben Train And so we come to The End routine structuring Anteater Consortium 26
Ben Train Afterword Anteater Consortium 37
Ben Train Some Thank Yous are in Order Anteater Consortium 38
Chris Mayhew Kim Card Ashian selection made, sandwich cards removed one of which is the selection by apparent mistake, correctedInspired byRelated to The EH Team 15
Ben Train In-Need-Of-A-Clever-Name Aces 4-ace productionRelated to Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 9 30
Ben Train Still-Searching-For-A-Title Aces Spectator cuts to the aces.Inspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 9 32