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Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin Watch This One! 89
Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin coin to glass disc in spectator's hand Watch This One! 99
Wallace Lee The Cranium Vanish coin is placed on the head Modern Coin Magic 42
Unknown, Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin half dollar to glass disc, two methods Modern Coin Magic 188
Wallace Lee, Unknown In a Spectator's Pocket Three Methods
a. into spectator's outer breast pocket, back palm
b. into spectator's outer breast pocket, thumb palm
c. hand is put into spectator's outer breast pocket to pull him closer (Wallace Lee Method)
Modern Coin Magic 57
Wallace Lee Thumb Count hand held upside down The Complete Cannibal Act 14
Karl Fulves Mental Fone with idea to use cell phone to code and send picture of spectatorInspired by
  • Fitch Cheney trick in Math Miracles (Wallace Lee)
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 8) 305
Karl Fulves Calling Ms. Modulo two poker hands, performer and spectator each decide on a hole card, medium tells hole card after hearing other four cardsInspired by
  • "Telephone Stud" (Wallace Lee, Math Miracles, 1950)
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