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S. W. Erdnase The Diagonal Palm-Shift mention of top palm, bottom palm, multiple shift on page 141Related toVariationsAlso published here The Expert at the Card Table 137
Charlie Miller, Paul Chosse Miller's Cascade Control Variations Card Finesse II 73
James Swain The Pass Palm top cards into left hand classic palmRelated to Miracles with Cards 149
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Engineering Miracles - Magic vs. Miracle
- Premeditated
- Improv
- Final Thoughts
Organic 6
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Tumble Card selected and lost in the deck. Deck is thrown into pocket of jeans, jeans is thrown into laundromat dryer. After all the cards have fallen out of pocket, only selected card remains in pocket Organic 12
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Rigged Method to control a coin flip Organic 14
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Cartel Pay for items at a cashier by swiping playing cards through the credit card terminal Organic 17
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Sidekick Use of secret helper to achieve two effects:

- Glass: Card through window
- Bookstore: Signed card travel to inside the pages of a randomly named book
Organic 18
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Edamame Edamame beans travel back into the empty pod, pod ends up sealing itself back Organic 23
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Subway Renovation Improvement on Subway, sandwich effect, card visually teleports between two sandwich cardsInspired by
  • "Subway" (Dan and Dave Buck, Trilogy DVD Set)
Organic 25
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Joker Tracking Face-up Joker shuffled next to selected card Organic 26
Dan Buck, Dave Buck, John Bodine, Daniel Garcia, Michael Feldman Resurrection Restrike a burnt match, match is seen to visually restore Organic 27
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Blinded Reach into the air and produce a lit match Organic 32
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Sealed & Revealed Method to achieve small object to sealed sugar packet, how to unseal and seal Organic 34
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Deliquesce Classic saltshaker through table trick with napkin wrapped around it, but with selected card ending up in the saltshaker Organic 36
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Autocatch Sandwich effect, spring across table causes card to end up between sandwich cards Organic 40
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Hover Spring Special type of spring, requires different grip Organic 40
Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Chad Nelson Shake & Bake Anniversary Waltz Organic 44
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Mannequin Card to pocket routine, selected card travels to pocket of a clothing store mannequin Organic 47
Dave Buck About About the book and palming If An Octopus Could Palm 9
Dave Buck Introduction If An Octopus Could Palm 10
Dave Buck Cephalopalm Top card is rotated into face up bottom palmRelated to If An Octopus Could Palm 14
Dave Buck Octomus Palm Top card is placed into right hand palm, face of card is against the palmRelated toVariations If An Octopus Could Palm 18
Dave Buck Octomus Load Load top card under box, card can be produced from the box, box held at fingertipsInspired by If An Octopus Could Palm 22
Charlie Miller, Dave Buck Cascade Control finessed handlingInspired byVariations If An Octopus Could Palm 26
Dave Buck Cascade Palm Palming selection into face up right hand after Cascade Control to the topInspired by If An Octopus Could Palm 32
Dave Buck Peeping Palm Diagonal Palm Shift from peekInspired by If An Octopus Could Palm 34
Dave Buck Treading One handed exercises for palming, two cards in the hand.

Version 1: move bottom card to top
Version 2: move top card to bottom
If An Octopus Could Palm 38
Dave Buck Inking Switch selection (from a dribble) using a palm replacement, something like a Drop Switch but with palmed card If An Octopus Could Palm 44
Dave Buck Undertow In the action of turning the top card over, palmed card is loaded onto the face If An Octopus Could Palm 48
Dave Buck Hermit Transfer Transfer card from right palm to left palm in the action of turning over the deck If An Octopus Could Palm 52
Dave Buck, John Carney Buoyancy Replace palmed card in left hand to the top of the deck, has variation by John Carney If An Octopus Could Palm 56
Dave Buck Lofty Transfer Card bottom palmed in left hand is transferred to right hand flat palm If An Octopus Could Palm 60
Dave Buck Mimic Palm Left hand palms bottom card during a one handed shuffle If An Octopus Could Palm 64
Dave Buck Afterword If An Octopus Could Palm 81
Dave Buck Molecule Bottom Palm Palm card from center of the deck using a flourish to rotate the deck around the thumb If An Octopus Could Palm 81
Dave Buck Sybil Replacement Replacement of cards in right hand palm during a fancy Sybil Cut If An Octopus Could Palm 82
Peter McKinnon Dragonfly 3.0 card jumps from deck to fingertips, featuring a palmRelated to Burn After Reading 5
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Fan Palm during closing of fan Card Men 8
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Hank's Triumph using Hank Miller Shuffle Card Men 10
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Buck Shot card shoots from hand, no deck Card Men 12
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Fancy Change flourishy Card Men 15
Steve Freeman, Dan Buck, Dave Buck Center Double Lift Card Men 15
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Direct Message card vanishes from packet, reappears reversed in deck Card Men 19
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Murphy's Control using T. G. Murphy's "Deck Flip" Card Men 21
Dan Buck, Dave Buck CardEx from deck to previously tabled Jacks Card Men 22
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Revvle flourish embellishment for Overhand Shuffle Card Men 25
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Ad Copy blendo, spectator ends up with business card Card Men 27
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Secondly K.M. Move variation Card Men 28
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Take Me Home card under box, card in box, card becomes box Card Men 30
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Naap Change Card Men 31
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Toss Palm card tossed into deck in dealing position is palmed out Card Men 33
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Pivot Change card sticking out changes when deck is pivoted Card Men 35
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Swirly flourish for in-the-hands riffle shuffle
Card Men 37
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Peekaboo spectator B names A's selection Card Men 39
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Magic or Real idea of suggesting skill as modus operandi instead of magic Card Men 41
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Scoop card from table gets into sandwich card in center of deck Card Men 41
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Impossible Sandwich variation of Scoop Card Men 44
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Sybil Triumph apparently deck is rightened via flourish cut Card Men 44
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Seduction Card Men 45
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Insertion Switch-out as double is inserted in deck, face card of double is maneuvered to bottom Card Men 46
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Body Double face-up tabled card transposes visually with reversed card in deck while deck is sprung Card Men 50
Dave Buck, Elliott Terral In Pursuit of Aesthetic Beauty - Composition
- Shibumi
- Conclusion
- Suggested Reading
Quarterly (Issue 4 (Summer 2016)) 5
Dave Buck, Elliott Terral On Establishing a Break Quarterly (Issue 4 (Summer 2016)) 8
Harapan Ong Royal Explosions tabled productions of royal flush
I. Royal Explosion One
II. Royal Explosion Two
Related to
  • "Pandemonium At The Card Table" (Dan & Dave Buck, Artifice, Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands, 2000)
Principia 54