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S. W. Erdnase Tricks with the Prearranged Deck Eight Kings - set up explained with methods to calculate cards and their positions (applicable for any cyclic stack)Related toVariations The Expert at the Card Table 179
Jack Merlin A Sequence Effect thirteen cards put in order by dealing them in a row on the table, alternate top bottomsVariations Merlin's Master Manipulations 9
Edward Marlo X-Deck named card has an X on backRelated toVariationsAlso published here The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 296) 1182
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon Penetration Ace-Two-Three or all Aces penetrate pack one at a timeVariations The Cardician 46
Edward Marlo Card from Pocket Ideas different subterfugesRelated toVariationsAlso published here Action Palm 52
Edward Marlo The Separating Aces four Aces distribute in the deck, three methods, all cards face-downVariations The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 338) 162
Dai Vernon "Picking off the Pip" Related toVariations Inner Secrets of Card Magic 47
Edward Marlo Mechanical Seconds effect application: aces change to kingsRelated toVariations Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 90
Bob Veeser Veeser's Bluff Multiple Shift three handlingsRelated toVariations The Multiple Shift 31
Edward Marlo The Immovable Multiple Shifts: To the Bottom - Delayed Type two handlingsVariations The Multiple Shift 42
Edward Marlo A Matching Routine stay stack routine with six phasesVariations Faro Controlled Miracles 31
Al Leech Phantom Monte all three cards changeVariations Super Card Man Stuff 51
Peter Kane The Blank Thought Deck blank deck, spectator thinks of any card, performer removes a blank card, all cards get faces and isolated card is thought-of oneVariations A Card Session with Peter Kane 1
Harry Lorayne Foursome four of a kind to free selection is producedRelated toVariations Deck-Sterity 23
Bruce Cervon Think and it's Trapped one of two cards is thought of and appears in sandwich in deck, various versions:
- First Version
- Second Version
- Third Version
- Fourth Version (Pitfalls of Thought I)
- Fifth Version (Pitfalls of Thought II)
Variations Expert Card Mysteries 109
Jack Posetary Last Aces black Aces in case, selection travels into the sandwich, double facer, see also p. 283 & 289 for reference, p. 306 for presentation by Murry GrahamRelated toVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 11) 279
Edward Marlo right-hand pressure fan notes reverse fan applications, hiding face-up cards in face-down fan, All Backs, ..., right-handed pressure fan suggested by Frank ShieldsVariationsAlso published here Hierophant (Issue 4) 210
Allan Ackerman Introduction Magic Mafia Effects
Allan Ackerman On Kane's Blank Thought Deck blank deck, spectator thinks of any card, performer removes a blank card, all cards get faces and isolated card is thought-of oneInspired by Magic Mafia Effects 1
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo, Dr. James Nuzzo Elevator Shaft Ace, Two and Three or all Aces penetrate pack one at a timeInspired by Magic Mafia Effects 4
Allan Ackerman Joker Sandwich thought of card in sandwich in deckInspired byVariations Magic Mafia Effects 6
Allan Ackerman The Spectator Refuses to Cut to the Four Aces Related toVariations Magic Mafia Effects 7
Allan Ackerman Everywhere and Nowhere three cards become the selection and change into aces Magic Mafia Effects 9
Allan Ackerman All Backs all backs then all faces, while retaining a stack Magic Mafia Effects 11
Allan Ackerman All Backs Additional Notes Magic Mafia Effects 17
Allan Ackerman Pokerface while trying to find the selection the four of a kind is producedRelated to Magic Mafia Effects 18
Allan Ackerman The Real Work on Adhesive where to put the tape Magic Mafia Effects 23
Allan Ackerman Minus One Bottom Deal Variations Magic Mafia Effects 24
Allan Ackerman The Nest Reverse during a table riffle shuffle Magic Mafia Effects 27
Allan Ackerman A Card Pass Magic Mafia Effects 29
Allan Ackerman Counting Four as Three Magic Mafia Effects 30
Dick Koester, Allan Ackerman Smyth Myth Retold cards are shuffled face up into face down, pairs put on the table, when one spectator sees his card he says stop, the other card face down is the second selection Magic Mafia Effects 33
Allan Ackerman Snap Change Idea card is seen, it's another card, magician's gag Magic Mafia Effects 35
Allan Ackerman The Programmed Deck always dealing into two piles and eliminating one pile, last card is named selection, Named TantalizerRelated toVariations Magic Mafia Effects 36
Allan Ackerman The Fickle Card's Fingered Fate card changes into three selections and vanishes Hierophant (Issue 3) 121
Allan Ackerman C.T.A. The Esoterist 30
Allan Ackerman Mass Transit only one palm The Esoterist 26
Allan Ackerman Simplex Travelers The Esoterist 29
Allan Ackerman Suggestions handling tips The Esoterist 31
Allan Ackerman, John Cornelius Change of Mind one of five, kickerVariations The Esoterist 5
Allan Ackerman The Palm Switch sandwiched card (really only a step gaff) exchanged for palmed card The Esoterist 40
Allan Ackerman Extension gaff with pivotal section The Esoterist 42
Allan Ackerman Ultra Mental (Minimal Gaffus) The Esoterist 18
Allan Ackerman Introduction The Esoterist 4
Allan Ackerman Added Thoughts on the Minuscule Deck Method 1: Deck from lap into pocket
Method 2: Packet changes into complete deck
The Esoterist 9
Allan Ackerman Next to Last Ace into caseInspired by The Esoterist 17
Allan Ackerman Minuscule Deck prediction with deck vanish (and optional reproduction), inspired by Kosky routine from Talisman, Nov. 1970Variations The Esoterist 8
Edward Marlo Prediction Surprise & Clock Combination card chosen with cut & count procedure has odd back, re-counting force, ambiguous color changing deckRelated to On the Clock Effect 10
Allan Ackerman Color Triumphant color changing deck climax The Esoterist 32
Allan Ackerman Axing the Aces backs of aces change color The Esoterist 24
Allan Ackerman Small Change combo The Esoterist 21
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly Related to The Esoterist 15
Allan Ackerman The General's Universal Card gaffedVariations The Esoterist 6
Allan Ackerman The Last Word some more ideas on structure and credit information The Esoterist 44
Allan Ackerman Lunch several methods for "One-Eyed Jacks" sandwich effect, with loading techniques
Tilted Sandwich:
- Gaffed
- Ungaffed #1
- Ungaffed #2
The Ultimate Approach:
- The Load In
- The Palm Switch
- The No Palm Approach
- Ungaffed #3
Variations The Esoterist 34
Roger Smith Ultimate Sandwich card travels to tabled sandwich cardsInspired by The K-S Control System 26
Allan Ackerman Slip Shod for setting up a Zarrow The Esoterist 12
Edward Marlo Another Elevator three cardsRelated to Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 1) 2
Jon Racherbaumer Full-Circle Universal Inspired by The Universal Card 29
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Coin Holer made from Cards card gaff that holds four coins and hides in deck The Magic of Paul Harris 50
Edward Marlo Marlo Technique for Minus Multiple Inspired by Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 4
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Re-set Classic Re-set routineVariations SuperMagic 77
Allan Ackerman Foreward Cardboard Connection 1
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Automatic Lap lapping a piece of card during linking cards effectAlso published here Cardboard Connection 16
Allan Ackerman Kabbala Elevators Inspired by Here's My Card 15
Allan Ackerman Al Leech's "Posthumous" Here's My Card 98
Allan Ackerman Hamman ESP Here's My Card 108
Allan Ackerman EvaporACEtion Here's My Card 24
Allan Ackerman Pull Down from End Grip bottom card break at right hand small packet as it is squared Here's My Card 22
Allan Ackerman Easy Off Pips at the end the card is blank and vanishes, gaffedInspired by Here's My Card 13
Allan Ackerman Roll Over Card Vanish bare handedVariations Here's My Card 46
Allan Ackerman Double Reverse one card is thought of half the pack Here's My Card 60
Allan Ackerman Dropping A Card forcing "any" card in peek position, thought of touch Here's My Card 57
Allan Ackerman The Super Cut thought from hand spread Here's My Card 53
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo, Roger Klause Sandwich Trilogy Here's My Card 44
Allan Ackerman Open Travelers Variations Here's My Card 31
Allan Ackerman It Happens in the Spectator's Hand Jack Sandwich Spectator controls the actions Here's My Card 22
Allan Ackerman Tabled Spread method to lay down four Aces with extra card Here's My Card 31
Allan Ackerman Top-to-Bottom Block Transfer Here's My Card 96
Allan Ackerman A Closer Approach impromptu, variation on "Impromptu Ultra Mental" Here's My Card 49
Allan Ackerman, Bruce Cervon Impromptu Ultra Mental half pass version, see "Author's Note" for credit informationRelated toVariations Here's My Card 47
Ron Ferris, Allan Ackerman Blackjack Player's Delight four ten-values are on table, four selections turn out to be the four Aces to make four blackjacksVariations Here's My Card 94
John C. Wagner, Allan Ackerman New Twisted Collectors at end of twisting the routine three selections appear between aces Las Vegas Close-Up 107
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Variation on the One Handed Center Deal Variations Here's My Card 101
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Interlaced Vanish Variations Las Vegas Close-Up 140
Allan Ackerman Streamlined Oinl and Water Here's My Card 77
Allan Ackerman Forethought Here's My Card 51
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Premonition Here's My Card 53
Allan Ackerman, Derek Dingle Thinking it Through color chaning deck climax Here's My Card 37
Allan Ackerman Ace Cutting Display Here's My Card 103
Allan Ackerman An Effect spectator names card, direct, prediction typeVariations Here's My Card 29
Allan Ackerman, Steve Freeman The Ten Handed Stack one shuffle Here's My Card 72
Allan Ackerman New Convincing Control no switch of outjogged card involvedRelated to Here's My Card 82
Allan Ackerman A Card Pass variation of standard method Here's My Card 88
Allan Ackerman Variance Variant with transformation kickerRelated toVariations Here's My Card 90
Allan Ackerman Hofzinser Card Pass to a Full Bottom Palm Related to Here's My Card 27
Allan Ackerman Combination Cull Precursor Variations Here's My Card 63
Allan Ackerman Author's Note Here's My Card 11
Allan Ackerman Conclusion Here's My Card 86
Allan Ackerman Streamlined Oil and Water 3&3, full deck finish Here's My Card 77
Allan Ackerman Blanks - Selections - Aces four blanks transform into duplicates of selection, then aces, ungaffedRelated to Here's My Card 70
Allan Ackerman Quick Coincidence Variations Here's My Card 62
Allan Ackerman, Heck The Spectator's Triumph spectator shuffles cards face up and face down, ungaffed (almost)Inspired by Here's My Card 68
Allan Ackerman Downers and Uppers same card occupies three positions Here's My Card 42
Allan Ackerman Double Ultra Mental two decks, spectator and performer each think of a card Here's My Card 50
Allan Ackerman Card Case Collectors faro, no contactRelated toVariations Here's My Card 17
Allan Ackerman Second Deal Lap credit information Here's My Card 52
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Face-Lift sandwiched card changes into selection and vanishes two times, reappears Close-up Entertainer 125
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly Close-up Entertainer 130
John Carney Stand Up Miniscule prediction in which only four-of-a-kind remains and deck vanishesInspired by Conjuror's Journal 14
Earl Nelson Reset, Reset Inspired by Variations 1
Howard Wurst Fake Partial Insertion apparently inserting two cards into case, but one goes underneathVariations Jack In The Box 8
Les Emberg, Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo Overkill Related toVariations Close-up Fantasies — Book I 73
Allan Ackerman Foreword Close-up Fantasies — Book II
Allan Ackerman Reassembled Finale Variations Close-up Fantasies — Book II 79
Karl Fulves Gaffless Brainwave sorted red/black stackRelated to Milennium Aces 44
Allan Ackerman Short All-Backs Routine Quick 3-WayRelated toVariations Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Clubs) 7
Don England Down the Elevator and Up the Ladder all cards transformInspired by Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Clubs) 32
Don England Another Collectors? aces start underneath close-up padInspired by Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Clubs) 45
Roger Crosthwaite Thanks to Kaps two decks, one card is signed on the back by the performer without showing the face, from the other deck a spectator thinks of a card, they matchInspired by The Commercial Card Magic of Roger Crosthwaite 41
Allan Ackerman Panic at the Poker Table Inspired by Close-up Fantasies Finalé 29
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Sandwich Move tabled sandwich cards spread and palmed card loaded Close-up Fantasies Finalé 154
Don England Open Travelers Plus aces to kings transformation as kickerInspired byVariations Best of Friends 415
Daryl Martinez Cut to Kill Kings and Aces, further credits see page 55Related to The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 4) 29
Allan Ackerman Ultra Sucker Insertion Ace of spades changes into selection with stabbing-presentation Best of Friends 180
Allan Ackerman Stabbing Force card stabbed into deck Best of Friends 181
Allan Ackerman Ultra Four Spot Best of Friends 183
Harry Lorayne Allan Ackerman mini bio Best of Friends 179
Jerry Sadowitz Come Together transposition with transformation climaxRelated toVariations Alternative Card Magic 4
Jamy Ian Swiss Swiss Movement one duplicateInspired by The Mendoza Portfolio No. 1 30
Marc Russell Exit Line card vanishes between sandwich cardsInspired by Cardopolis (Issue 1) 11
Brother John Hamman The Pinochle Trick ungaffed, Gemini CountRelated toVariationsAlso published here The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 14) 130
David Britland The Blues Brothers assembly with Aces, color changing back kickerInspired byVariations The Best of Close-Up Magic 9
Randy Wakeman The Spectator Cuts to and Turns Over the Aces basically the same as Ackerman's versionRelated toVariations Formula One Close-Up 41
Ken Krenzel No-Switch Upjog Control Related to Best of Friends — Volume II 263
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 4 105
Ray Kosby Forward to the Beginning Inspired by Scratching the Surface 13
Larry Jennings Discrepancy Deal Force Variations The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 158
Thomas Hierling Reset vs. Gambler Aces change to Kings, then back and Kings found in pocketsInspired by New Wave Close-Up 31
Brother John Hamman The Twins Related toVariations The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 93
David Williamson Interlaced Swindle Inspired byAlso published here Williamson's Wonders 58
Randy Wakeman Overclock combining Overkill with clock trick layout, chosen hour divined and card predicted written inside caseInspired by Randy Wakeman Presents 1
Michael Powers Evolution four Kings change to all backs to four Two of Clubs to the four Aces with patter about the history of cardsInspired by Top Secret Stuff 1
Michael Powers Misplace Your Bets performer cuts to four-of-a-kind one by one, spectator cuts small packet onto each card, top cards shown to be same four-of-a-kind, bottom cards changed to Twos or something else, two effect variationsInspired by Top Secret Stuff 40
Michael Powers C.C.C.P. "Card Case Collectors Plus", cased collectors, then deck in case and three selections travel from Aces between Jacks in center of deckInspired by Top Secret Stuff 45
Michael Powers Varying Variance Variant small packet ambitious card with four kings and a two, as a kicker the cards change to four twos and a KingInspired by Top Secret Stuff 54
Jay Sankey Breakout four jacks put in wallet, reappear elsewhere, selection in walletRelated to 100% Sankey 49
John Bannon Tattoo You spectator's initials are transferred from red to blue card, red/blue double backerVariations Smoke and Mirrors 38
Allan Ackerman, Richard Kaufman Ackerman Varies Kelly Variation The Collected Almanac (Issue ) xxix
Jack Carpenter Multiplex Reset Reset combined with double TravelersRelated toVariations Modus Operandi 21
Allan Ackerman Case Loading Totally Out Of Control 133
Daryl Martinez Spectator Queen, King & Ace Cut Aces on bottom, Kings and Queens on topRelated to Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic — Session 1992 12
Scott Robinson Riding the Wave mentally selected card is found reversed in the deck, three different handlingsRelated to The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 47) 842
Richard Bartram, Jr. The Oblong Box Inspired by Mystification 70
Allan Ackerman, Roger Klause A No-Throw Monte Las Vegas Kardma 153
Allan Ackerman For Magicians Only garden path, stacked, memorized deck Las Vegas Kardma 139
Allan Ackerman, Debbie Ackerman The Spectator Cuts Double Aces on bottom, Kings on TopVariations Las Vegas Kardma 85
Allan Ackerman, Daryl Martinez The Spectator Cuts Triple Aces on bottom, Kings and Queens on topRelated to Las Vegas Kardma 89
Allan Ackerman The Vanishing Aces one at a time and reappearance Las Vegas Kardma 96
Allan Ackerman My Favorite Gemini Related toVariations Las Vegas Kardma 12
Joel Brash, Allan Ackerman The Tell-All Gemini for finding mates Las Vegas Kardma 15
Allan Ackerman Aronson's Gemini Inspired by
  • "Quad-Mates" (Simon Aronson, MUM, May 1979)
Las Vegas Kardma 20
Allan Ackerman Return of the Black Widow Las Vegas Kardma 141
Allan Ackerman The AB Bottom Palm Overhand Shuffle Cover (Ackerman - Barnhart)Related to Las Vegas Kardma 48
Allan Ackerman The Swing Cut Bottom Palm Variations Las Vegas Kardma 46
Allan Ackerman Some Thoughts on the Zarrow Shuffle Las Vegas Kardma 52
Roger Crosthwaite Sandwich Sequence card appears between tabled red Queens, then to black Queens and back, Visitor
- Phase One: The Trap
- Phase Two: The Escape
- Phase Three: The Return
Inspired by Roger's Thesaurus 94
Allan Ackerman Almost Consistent Cries and Whispers no mental presentationRelated to Las Vegas Kardma 163
Allan Ackerman 25 Year Old Brainwave ungaffed Las Vegas Kardma 120
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Brainwave Update ungaffedVariations Las Vegas Kardma 71
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Paul Fox Las Vegas Kardma 92
Allan Ackerman Author's Note - some thoughts from the lecture notes
- where have I been?
- credit and thanks
- apologies and mistakes
- some closing remarks
Las Vegas Kardma 4
Allan Ackerman, Debbie Ackerman A New Game Las Vegas Kardma 130
Dean Dill, Allan Ackerman The Gem-Money Cards bills are put next to Aces, Gemini TwinsRelated toVariations Las Vegas Kardma 18
Allan Ackerman The Faro Shuffle Las Vegas Kardma 175
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Opener stack, combination Las Vegas Kardma 100
Allan Ackerman The Small Packet All Backs featuring Ackerman's "Quick Four Way" Las Vegas Kardma 122
Allan Ackerman Another Reverse Matrix no extra coin Las Vegas Kardma 116
Allan Ackerman Some More Blues Las Vegas Kardma 39
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly to a Full Palm Convincing Control Features Las Vegas Kardma 50
Allan Ackerman The Movie Control Las Vegas Kardma 55
Allan Ackerman A Bag of O'Henrys four four-of-a-kinds finishRelated to Las Vegas Kardma 34
Allan Ackerman The Ultra Rub-a-Dub-Dub face-up Wednesday Nights 5
Allan Ackerman The Clip Add using pen Wednesday Nights 11
Allan Ackerman A Bottom Block Transfer Technique Wednesday Nights 16
Allan Ackerman On the Strip Out Shuffle brief tips Wednesday Nights 17
Allan Ackerman, Kosy Phibulphanuvat On the Freeman Display Wednesday Nights 18
Allan Ackerman, Kosy Phibulphanuvat Double Exposure Freeman Display production of Kings followed by Aces Wednesday Nights 20
Allan Ackerman Finally Unassembled Las Vegas Kardma 23
Allan Ackerman An Added Dimension card thought of from bank, cards dealt out and then divined Wednesday Nights 23
Allan Ackerman Finally Unassembled - Gaffed two double facers Las Vegas Kardma 29
Allan Ackerman A Tabled Reverse Las Vegas Kardma 64
Allan Ackerman Up The Ladder Las Vegas Kardma 172
Edward Marlo, Allan Ackerman La Carte Generale Las Vegas Kardma 73
Allan Ackerman A Self-Working Quick Coincidence Las Vegas Kardma 127
Allan Ackerman TwoGetherness two named cards lie next to each other, memorized deck Las Vegas Kardma 133
Allan Ackerman Mixed Up Blues 3&3Variations Las Vegas Kardma 105
Allan Ackerman In Place of a Setup 3&3 Las Vegas Kardma 109
Allan Ackerman, Roger Klause The 76 Sandwich Las Vegas Kardma 112
Allan Ackerman Master Move Action Palm Dovetail Shuffle Las Vegas Kardma 59
Allan Ackerman Out of This World #2000 two piles Las Vegas Kardma 156
Allan Ackerman Wright On three card transposition, odd backed Las Vegas Kardma 160
Ron Ferris, Allan Ackerman The Almost Perfect Transposition two for two Las Vegas Kardma 135
Allan Ackerman The Slip Shod for setting up a ZarrowVariations Las Vegas Kardma 169
Allan Ackerman Spooky Altman Trap double to quadruple "floats" off the deck Las Vegas Kardma 57
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo Stacked Topsy Turvy Aces maintaining Stack Las Vegas Kardma 76
Allan Ackerman Revisiting the Card Case Collectors from between cased Aces to Kings & back Las Vegas Kardma 80
Allan Ackerman Another Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle featuring Ackerman's "Another Quick Four Way" Las Vegas Kardma 149
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle Las Vegas Kardma 144
Allan Ackerman, Brother John Hamman Twins handling without Gemini CountInspired by How to Tame a Moose 14
Allan Ackerman Jazz with Rhythm with double O. Henry endingVariations How to Tame a Moose 16
Allan Ackerman Impromptu Breakaway jacks put in shirt pocket appear elsewhere, previous selection in pocketInspired by How to Tame a Moose 20
Peter Duffie Marriage on the Rocks Variations Duffie's Card Compulsions 30
Simon Aronson Quad-Mates Revisited four cards put in deck at four positions, next to mates, Gemini Twins with four cards and spelling of random wordsInspired by
  • "Quad-Mates" (Simon Aronson, MUM, May 1979)
Related to
Simply Simon 73
R. Paul Wilson Blackjack Players Blight four ten-values are on table, four selections turn out to be the four Aces to make four blackjacksInspired by Chaos Theories 8
Larry Jennings, Allan Ackerman A Better View small variation of the Rhythm Count How to Tame a Moose 7
Allan Ackerman, Jerry Sadowitz, Roy Walton Kings in the Corner transposition with transformation climaxInspired by How to Tame a Moose 12
Allan Ackerman, John Bannon Impromptu Tattoo You performer signs back of odd-backed card, spectator front of other card, signature jumps on odd-backed cardInspired by Al Cardpone 4
Allan Ackerman Optical Rhythm rhythm count handling, all cards must be face cards, 2-4-4 count Al Cardpone 9
Allan Ackerman HPC with Cards han ping chien Al Cardpone 12
Allan Ackerman OPOS Count Out of Position Olram Subtlety, 3-4-4 count Al Cardpone 15
Allan Ackerman, Jon Racherbaumer Technicolor Progressive no preparation Al Cardpone 17
Allan Ackerman The Algorithm simplified calculation method for ACAAN with memorized deck Al Cardpone 25
Allan Ackerman Anyone - Anywhere: Two Shakes memorized deck, featuring case shift Al Cardpone 26
Allan Ackerman Case Shift deck secretly cut as it is removed from case Al Cardpone 26
Allan Ackerman Anyone - Anywhere: The Indicator number determined by value of another card, memorized deck Al Cardpone 30
Allan Ackerman Anyone - Anywhere: Lazy Man's Version memorized deck Al Cardpone 32
Allan Ackerman Anyone - Anywhere: The Impromptu Indicator Al Cardpone 33
Allan Ackerman More Mixed Up Blues 4&4Inspired by Al Cardpone 34
Allan Ackerman A Bag of O'Henrys - Re-bagged all packets become four-of-a-kinds, Ace packet royal flushRelated to Al Cardpone 39
Paul Harris P.H. Invisible Palm no palmingVariations The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Magical Arts Journal) 227
Allan Ackerman Two Packet Display Switch The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Magical Arts Journal) 230
Paul Harris Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm using random cardsVariations The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Magical Arts Journal) 235
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Re-Set The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 137
Allan Ackerman Foreward Al Cardpone 3
Michael Close, Allan Ackerman The Invisible Deck ungaffed, memorized deckRelated toVariations Workers Number 5 138
John C. Wagner, Allan Ackerman New Twisted Collectors at end of twisting the routine three selections appear between aces The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Las Vegas Close-Up) 189
Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman Interlaced Vanish The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Las Vegas Close-Up) 219
Allan Ackerman Ackerman's Automatic Lap lapping a piece of card during linking cards effectAlso published here The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Connections) 71
Allan Ackerman Face-Lift sandwiched card changes into selection and vanishes two times, reappears The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 115
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 117
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo, Les Emberg Overkill The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Fantasies 1 & 2) 183
Baltazar Fuentes Card Case Collectors II with Fuentes GaffInspired by Arempi 23
Allan Ackerman, Dan Harlan Some Thoughts, Moments, and Handling on Dan Harlan's Rising Dough stack of three half dollars and Chinese coin, which rises up in the stack I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 5
Allan Ackerman A Clean Start choreography to have coins examined while holding out shell, magnetic ring I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 10
Allan Ackerman Coin Spread Cull I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 6
Allan Ackerman, Looy Simonoff Some Put-Downs methods to release coin/shell from magnet Harlin ring
- Slide Put-Down
- Roll Over Put-Down
- Looy's Put-Down
I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 13
Allan Ackerman Some Put-Ons getting shell from magnetic Harlin ring onto another coin
- In-Your-Hands-Put-On
- Tabled-Put-On
I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 16
Allan Ackerman A Good Pick-Up coin moved on table, simultaneously shell stolen off another coin, magnetic Harlin ring I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 19
Allan Ackerman The One-Handed AB Bottom Palm Overhand Shuffle Cover (Ackerman - Barnhart), two-handed set-upRelated to I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 21
Allan Ackerman Rhythm Flushtration Count I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 24
Allan Ackerman A Quick Three Way Moment display sequence I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 27
Allan Ackerman In The Hands Freeman Display I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 31
Allan Ackerman A Multiple Slip Shuffle specific number of cards I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 36
Allan Ackerman A Combination Cull culling four cards while removing some cardsInspired byVariations I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 39
Allan Ackerman A Fan Bottom Palm I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 42
Allan Ackerman, Kosy Phibulphanuvat A Logical Princess I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 46
Allan Ackerman Another Anyone Anywhere thought of card's position predicted, then spectator divines position of performer's card, partial memorized deck and prediction pocket index (twelve items) I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 53
Allan Ackerman, Debbie Ackerman Consistent Cries and Whispers two queens whisper name of some cards, transpose with first twoRelated to I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 56
Allan Ackerman, Howard Wurst Card Case Unload two cards are apparently placed in case, but one stays outside, then dropped on tabled pileInspired by I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 58
Kosy Phibulphanuvat, Allan Ackerman Spectators Shuffle Deck deck is shuffled in pieces by spectators, yet stock retained I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 49
Allan Ackerman Foreward I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 3
Troy Hooser Jokers Squared Inspired by The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 66) 1331
Jack Carpenter A Dance for the Devious queens vanish one by one, reproduced at once together againRelated to The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 15
Jack Carpenter A Potent Presage three predictions, Gemini Twin type procedure, four-of-a-kind kickerInspired byRelated to The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 26
Jack Carpenter Steppin' out with Molly three card monte routine with several effect, signed money card to card case climaxRelated to The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 41
Allan Ackerman, Bill Kalush, Wesley James The Ackerman Center Deal (Modified) using Ackerman's technique for two-handed deal (idea by Kalush)Inspired by The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James 75
Allan Ackerman Ackerman varies Kelly Ah-ha! 51
Allan Ackerman, Frank Simon The Convincing Control Palm Related to Card College — Volume 3 771
Allan Ackerman Foreword Classic Handlings 4
Allan Ackerman Author's Note Wednesday Nights 4
Steve Mayhew The Routine stack for two hands, both are good but performer wins, spectator can riffle shuffleVariations Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals 9
Allan Ackerman Thoughts on the Ten Card Poker Deal four phases, double jonah, almost no-touch Wednesday Nights 7
Allan Ackerman, Al Leech A Little Finesse all three cards transform, finessed handlingInspired by Wednesday Nights 13
Allan Ackerman Kannibal Kings Wednesday Nights 27
Allan Ackerman One Kiss Does It All Variations Classic Handlings 5
Allan Ackerman, Steve Forte The Bottom Up Zarrow a.k.a. BUZ Classic Handlings 8
Allan Ackerman The General Card three spectators think of a card, three cards selected, not thought-of cards, but change into themRelated to Classic Handlings 11
Allan Ackerman, Theodore Annemann Jinx Switch Handling Classic Handlings 12
Allan Ackerman Fingertip Rhythm Two-four-Four with fingertip handling Classic Handlings 14
Allan Ackerman, Edward Victor The 10 Card Trick Classic Handlings 16
Allan Ackerman A Close Encounter three thought of cards found, memorized deck Classic Handlings 18
Allan Ackerman Back to Hierophant #1 with named card Classic Handlings 24
Allan Ackerman The CR Move center reverse during convincing control Classic Handlings 27
Allan Ackerman Finally Matched ending phase Inspired byVariations Classic Handlings 29
Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson, Steve Mayhew Mayhew Poker Again triumph as center deal demo Classic Handlings 32
Allan Ackerman, Jules DeBarros Return to Ishtar three copper and three silver coins transpose, two double-sided coins Classic Handlings 34
Allan Ackerman False Shuffle Display Bottom-Line precursorRelated to Classic Handlings 33
Allan Ackerman, Frank Simon The Convincing Control Palm Concertos for Pasteboard 59
Baltazar Fuentes Kick Kut Kop swing cut palm, into kind of perpendicular cop positionInspired by I'm Dancing 8
Baltazar Fuentes No Slip Cut Single Zarrow Shuffle NSCSZS
running-cut set-up
Inspired by I'm Dancing 10
Baltazar Fuentes Spectator Cuts Double II Aces and TensInspired by I'm Dancing 37
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo, Steve Bedwell Ackerman Varies Kelly / Misdirection Palm Combo Thick Schtick! 19
Michael Sibbernsen Post-Cards spectator puts four post-it notes in deck during dealing, the cards are the four AcesInspired by Card File Two 102
Harry Lorayne Billustrious bills are put next to Aces during deal onto table, Royal Flush kicker, Gemini TwinsInspired by Personal Collection 467
Allan Ackerman Rhythm Flustration Count two as four-of-a-kind Kardz 11
Lee Asher, Allan Ackerman The Losing Control Light Reft Spread Pass, outjogged card - feature by Ackerman, credit information Hand Jobs 6
Harry Lorayne A Far Cry one of five cards thought of, others change to AcesInspired by Personal Collection 567
Simon Aronson Jack Coincidence (Producing the Jacks) Selection is predicted with mate, and selection is stabbed in deck, around two matching matesInspired byVariations Try the Impossible 213
Allan Ackerman, Darrin Martineau One Good Winner red Kings between black Fours, they transpose two times, then Daley's Last, all change to KingsInspired by Penumbra (Issue 2) 12
Aaron Fisher Search and Destroy sleightlessInspired byRelated toVariations The Paper Engine 104
Allan Ackerman, Baltazar Fuentes An Ungaffed Ted do as i do type thing often done with marked cards, memorized deck Classic Handlings 21
Jack Avis Triad three mates found by counting to month, day... of birthday and placing cards thereRelated toVariations Ahead of the Pack 199
Lewis Jones Dater base marriage with gemini twins placement, counting to personal numbersInspired byRelated to Ahead of the Pack 202
William Goodwin King Brand red Kings between black Fours, they transpose two times, then Daley's LastVariations Penumbra (Issue 1) 14
Richard Vollmer, Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson The Cards of Destiny Card College — Volume 5 1192
Bob King For Dean bills are put next to Aces, all-Jokers finaleInspired by New Magician Foolers 6
Allan Ackerman No Palm Travelers kings signed and lost, then cut to, change to aces, kings from pockets, handling updated in 2005 How to Tame a Moose 24
Allan Ackerman, Jack Carpenter, David Solomon, Paul Harris, Brother John Hamman A Double Jack Reset with traveler climaxInspired by How to Tame a Moose 29
Allan Ackerman Backwards Alignment Move to get injog at break How to Tame a Moose 24
Allan Ackerman Pocket Loading Ruse getting card in pocket for later discovery under the ruse of putting joker away How to Tame a Moose 25
Allan Ackerman Foreword Ackerman 2004 1
Allan Ackerman Introduction - Thank You L.J. How to Tame a Moose 5
Allan Ackerman Simulated Slip Cut tabled cutting sequence for (block) slip cut Penumbra (Issue 9) 7
Joshua Jay Discreet Displacement First published in ONYX Magazine, 1999. Card is added on top of selection in action of stripping it out, done at chest height. Can be done as a control or a force.Variations Sleight of Hand and a Twist of Fate 11
Allan Ackerman Allan Ackerman's Addition Variation of Discreet DisplacementInspired by Sleight of Hand and a Twist of Fate 16
Allan Ackerman New Math Addition perpendicular hidout, Tamariz Ackerman 2004 2
Allan Ackerman The Olram Plus Count Olram variation Ackerman 2004 5
Bob Veeser, Allan Ackerman The Bluff Shift to bottom Ackerman 2004 6