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Al Mann The Tesseract three predictions are handed out to different spectator, three spectator select a number, city and word, predictions matchRelated to The Tesseract 3
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Psychokinetic Touches spectator feels tapping sensations on his shoulder even though a second spectator has been touchedRelated to Psychokinetic Touches 4
Darwin Ortiz Pick-A-Card Poker with to-Royal-Flush-TransformationRelated to Cardshark 172
Chan Canasta The Experiment with Books spectators chose a page, line and number, performer divines word on that positionRelated toVariations Chan Canasta — A Remarkable Man 67
Justin Higham Mind-Reading in Reverse interesting, five methodsRelated to The Simulation of Miracles 11
Luke Jermay Introduction Building Blocks 13
Luke Jermay First Thing First enhancing a prior effect by a verbal suggestion Building Blocks 17
Luke Jermay Definition is Creation suggestion, people will react or feel something Building Blocks 20
Luke Jermay The Power of Silence silence to enhance suggestionsRelated to
  • Luke Jermay's "A Twisted Palm" in "7 Deceptions"
Building Blocks 24
Luke Jermay, Steve "Banachek" Shaw The 'Old Witchdoctor' suggestion of cause and effect, silent script Building Blocks 28
Luke Jermay Convincers five convincers Building Blocks 34
Luke Jermay The Shadow Suggestion working with the shadow of the hand Building Blocks 35
Luke Jermay The Honesty Suggestion "Don't lie to make me good" Building Blocks 37
Luke Jermay The Heat Suggestion Building Blocks 38
Luke Jermay The Pulse Suggestion spectator feels object moving, like a pulse within the object Building Blocks 39
Luke Jermay The Everyday Suggestion box upside down equals empty Building Blocks 41
Luke Jermay The Building Block Technique magic routines enhanced with suggestions Building Blocks 43
Luke Jermay Mixing Magic and Mentalism Building Blocks 52
Luke Jermay Methodology - A Brief Look at Modern Bizarre Magick Building Blocks 56
Luke Jermay Divided By Hate a rose wilts Building Blocks 63
Luke Jermay Stigmata to Go Please blood stigmata on palms of the hand Building Blocks 69
Luke Jermay The Kats Kradle spectator marks a body part on a piece of paper, PK sensation and revealing of additional informationInspired by Building Blocks 75
Luke Jermay, Chan Canasta, Barrie Richardson, Dan Tong The Ernie Ball Book Test Inspired by Building Blocks 82
Luke Jermay The Burst Bubble Suggestion Related to Building Blocks 84
Luke Jermay The Ice Man Cometh ring vanishes from spectator's hand and appears in a block of ice Building Blocks 87
Luke Jermay Stuck in a Moment stopping a watch Building Blocks 93
Luke Jermay A Remote Castle card castle is destroyed by spectator and face up cards divinedRelated to Building Blocks 101
Luke Jermay Blind Sentence seeing with the fingertips, reading from a book Building Blocks 111
Luke Jermay Projected Personality spectator reads the color of performer's aura, prediction Building Blocks 117
Luke Jermay A Safe Anchor three business cards, two with smiley faces, one with skull, spectator finds positive cards Building Blocks 123
Luke Jermay Out of T(his) World two versions, sleight of hand and suggestion Building Blocks 129
Luke Jermay A Presentation for the number force between one and ten Building Blocks 137
Luke Jermay A Strange Garden spectator looks at leaf and patter of it seems to move, then circle inside triangle force Building Blocks 141
Luke Jermay Judgement Day - In Thoughts and Words... several ways to force an ESP symbol
- In Thoughts and in Words Force
- My Favourite Picture Force
- Blink Force
- The Heavy Arm Force
Building Blocks 150
Luke Jermay Zeroing In finding a suggestible person Building Blocks 159
Luke Jermay Introduction The Coral Fang 7
Luke Jermay Touching On Hoy performer reveals thoughts of three spectators, when tapped on shoulder one has to think of a shape, one of a date and the third of a nameRelated to The Coral Fang 9
Luke Jermay The Psychic vs. The Psychological Performance on pretending to have real powers, disclaimers The Coral Fang 14
Luke Jermay A Dangerous Opener two paper tubes, one is selected and crushed under the other one is a knife The Coral Fang 18
Luke Jermay Pre Show Sripting The Coral Fang 24
Luke Jermay Blowing Bubbles spectator gets the sensation of a thought leaving his mind, addition to an older versionRelated to The Coral Fang 27
Luke Jermay PK Lipstick mixture of Banachek's PK Touches and ashes to palm (with lipstick)Inspired by The Coral Fang 30
Luke Jermay Phone Predicton three cards are predicted and random numbers add up to performers cell phone number The Coral Fang 32
Luke Jermay Blindfold Sequence spectator reveals thought of number of other spectator The Coral Fang 34
Luke Jermay Postscript The Coral Fang 38
Luke Jermay Extended Crediting and Inspiration The Coral Fang 39
Chris Rawlins, Luke Jermay Psychological Position Force one of twoRelated to
  • Poker trick in "3510" (Luke Jermay)
The Event, 2017 30
Luke Jermay, Joseph Barry Luke Jermay on creativity, NLP, card magic vs. mentalism, boredom, ethics & disclaimers Operandi (Issue 2) 22
Luke Jermay Pick a Card Poker four chosen cards are shuffled into a poker handRelated to Operandi (Issue 2) 29
Luke Jermay Four Card Blackjack Ten Card Poker style routine for Blackjack Operandi (Issue 2) 30
Luke Jermay Two-Card Dowsing two card thought of, deck shuffled and cut into three piles, performer names pile and position of first selection, then position of second selection in full deck Operandi (Issue 3) 4
John Cottle Blankjack blank deck kickerInspired by
  • Luke Jermay routine
Operandi (Issue 4) 18