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Al Baker Unsight and Unseen finding two chosen cards in pocket, short packVariations The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Al Baker's Second Book) 110
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Introduction Notes 2
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Scene Card Magic chapter intro and description of act Notes 3
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra The Flash named card jumps out of deck into other hand Notes 4
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Stop in the Pocket deck in pocket, any card named, performer removes cards one by one until spectator says stop, next card taken out of pocket is named card Notes 5
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Any Card from the Pocket using memorized deck as index with perpendicular cards Notes 6
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra And Now... Two Cards from the Pocket finding two chosen cards in pocketInspired byAlso published here Notes 7
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra From the Ace to the Ten Travel Through the Sleeve final card appears in sock Notes 8
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Caught in the Air Notes 11
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra My Own Version of "Collectors" Notes 12
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra According to the Pad 4&4, pad is half red and half black, mixed and top four placed on red side of pad and others on black, the separate, three phases Notes 15
Joaquín Partagás, Martin A. Nash The Cardsharp Inspired by
  • El Prestidigitador Optimus (1900)
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Card College — Volume 4 873
Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Two-Pocket Partagás two cards found in half the deck in each pocketInspired byAlso published here The Art of Switching Decks 48