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Steve Beam Upside Down Chinese compass effect with the words "up" and "down", square plaque, several moves, see also p. 51 for additional ideas and remarks by Martin Gardner, Dan Garrett and Sid Lorraine, more ideas on p. 990 by Lee FredRelated toVariations The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 1) 1
John Swomley Hokey Pokey sponge ball move, one ball travels from performer's hand to second ball in spectator's hand The Minotaur (Vol. 4 No. 4) 5
John Swomley Cut Me Two Times bit of business for cutting a piece of rope with the fingers The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 3) 8
John Swomley Real World Rat Trap comedy routine, performer apparently puts hand in rat trap The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 66) 1316
Steve Beam Leftovers on Harry Levine, Chuck Romano, Dan Fishman, John Swomley The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 67) 1390
John Swomley Sign of the Times presentation for upside downInspired by The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 70) 1448