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Bertram Millidge Introduction
Two Jardine Ellis Ring-On-Ribbon Routines 1
Bertram Millidge A Ring and a Ribbon five phases, with and without the Jardine Ellis Ring, normal ring and split ring
Two Jardine Ellis Ring-On-Ribbon Routines 2
Bertram Millidge A Quick Ring Trick ring on ribbon, two phases, Jardine Ellis Ring, with slit cut ring
Two Jardine Ellis Ring-On-Ribbon Routines 8
Horace E. Bennett, Jardine Ellis, Bertram Millidge, Franklin V. Taylor Combination shoelace and Ellis ring penetration, second phase, finger ring becomes entangled
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Bertram Millidge New Move with the Jardine Ellis Ring through ribbon
Unconventional Magic 23
Bertram Millidge Silk through Ring larger ring through ribbon
Unconventional Magic 24
Bertram Millidge Silk through Silk
Unconventional Magic 25
Horace E. Bennett My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine on and off shoelace
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