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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Sam Lloyd "Get Off The Earth" Geometrical vanish of a Chinese warrior by rotating paper globe Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 118
Unknown Window Cards More complex version of Number Cards with holes cut out in the card to be stacked upInspired byVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 96
Sam Lloyd Sam Loyd's Version New version of window cards that reveal your ageInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 100
Sam Lloyd Sam Loyd's Flag Puzzle Geometrical Vanish, cut an American flag into two pieces, rearrange to form onto thirteen stripes instead of fifteen Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 117
Sam Lloyd The Missing Digit spectator form two numbers from all ten digits, adds them and removes one digit from answer which the performer divines, from a Dover collection edited by Martin Gardner The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 2) 578
Sam Lloyd Buttonholed No. 89, pen with looped string through button hole, puzzle Self-Working Table Magic 112