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Paul Siegel Foreword Doorway to Delusion 5
Paul Siegel Vision Diabolique performer is blindfolded, the reveals number written on a slate, name and drawing drawn on blank card Doorway to Delusion 6
Paul Siegel Color-Ception different colored chips are divined behind back Doorway to Delusion 8
Paul Siegel Chronicle Cognition prediction of a word in a chosen book Doorway to Delusion 9
Paul Siegel Number Force limited pool of numbers, spectator's hold up hands with outstretched fingers, two-digit number is created Doorway to Delusion 9
Paul Siegel Beyond the Shadows billets are burnt, performer stops spectator while burning billet with name of dead person Doorway to Delusion 11
Paul Siegel Tabagie pencil and paper are sealed into envelope, slogan of named cigarette brand appears on paper Doorway to Delusion 12
Paul Siegel Legacy of the Gypsies blindfolded performer touches a palm of a spectator and gives a reading Doorway to Delusion 13
Paul Siegel Numeration Sensation several numbers are added, total is predicted on slate Doorway to Delusion 14
Paul Siegel Test of Lhasa word on billet is divined, burnt with a figurine and story presentation Doorway to Delusion 15
Paul Siegel Billet Switch with a tray Doorway to Delusion 15
Paul Siegel Money Madness any bill put in envelope, performer reveal serial number Doorway to Delusion 17
Paul Siegel Envelope Switch Doorway to Delusion 17
Paul Siegel Psychic Perception four spectator sign one side of a blank card and write a three digit number on the other side, sum is predicted Doorway to Delusion 19
Paul Siegel Locked Fast two spectator are tied together secured with a lock, lock pick Doorway to Delusion 20
Paul Siegel Future Witness headline and magazine prediction Doorway to Delusion 21
Paul Siegel Between the Lines drawings from audience are correctly returned to their owners Doorway to Delusion 22
Paul Siegel Marking System using birthday candle, wax Doorway to Delusion 22
Paul Siegel Eleusis Revisited prediction of ESP symbol, with cardboard disk Doorway to Delusion 23
Paul Siegel Book Thought divination of a word on named page and line Doorway to Delusion 24
Paul Siegel Fantasy in Flame Q&A, billet burnt with pliers Doorway to Delusion 25
Paul Siegel The Mephisto Writings people write down statements on paper, character reading, then writing appears on paper while hold over flame Doorway to Delusion 26
Paul Siegel In Good Time times set with watches, prediction Doorway to Delusion 27
Paul Siegel Word Plexia word is chosen from book, spectator selects correct prediction out of three Doorway to Delusion 28
Paul Siegel Trance Image signed prediction in envelope, prediction of named date, name ant telephone number Doorway to Delusion 30
Paul Siegel Master Mind Doorway to Delusion 31
Paul Siegel Astral Relation objects of audience members, one is selected and divined by medium Doorway to Delusion 32
Paul Siegel Dart Delirium word from a newspaper is selected by throwing a a dart, word appears on slate Doorway to Delusion 32
Paul Siegel Insight Hindsight drawing duplication, paper covered with book Doorway to Delusion 33
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Doorway To Delusion by Paul Siegel
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 3) 582
North Bigbee ESPell Mental using Jumbo ESP cards, in envelopes, spelling and down-under dealInspired by
  • Paul Siegel's "Colorspell" in "Mentalism a la Mode"
The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 114) 569