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Unknown To conveie monie out of one of your hands into the other by legierdemaine coin travels from hand to hand after false transfer, tapped with knife for sound illusion ("for both the eare and the eie is deceived by this devise")Related toVariations The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Issue XXIV) 184
John Scarne The Eagle Speaks coin whispers the position, where the selection is in the deck, then the coin vanishes and appears above the selectionVariations The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 106) 427
Lillian Bobo Thieves and Sheep with double facerRelated toVariations Modern Coin Magic 249
Glenn Harrison Coins and Cards Three coins appear under three cards, are vanished and reappear under the cards. six coinsRelated toVariations Modern Coin Magic 214
Nate Leipzig Balanced Coin on handVariations Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 110
John Benzais First Effect - For One Coin single marked coin, part of "Coins Through the Table (A Complete Routine)"Variations The Best of Benzais 2
Morty Rudnick Hair, There and Everywhere imaginary invisible thread is used to animate various thingsVariations Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 294
Haruhito Hirata The Hirata Master Move coin is brought down on table and vanishesRelated toVariations The Silver Passage 20
David Roth Wild Coin No. 2 Wild coin with coin purseVariations CoinMagic 60
Richard Kaufman Sleeved Coin Cut Coin penetrates deckRelated to CoinMagic 223
Roger Klause Delayed Reaction coin is tossed to other hand but is seen a little later, sight gag using muscle passVariations The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 5 136
David Williamson Money Talks production with sound effects with wandRelated toVariationsAlso published here Williamson's Wonders 27
David Williamson Floating Assembly four cards, four coinsVariations Williamson's Wonders 42
Geoffrey Latta From the Elfin Hoard vanishing an reproducing three coins in clean way, shellVariations Spectacle 77
Geoffrey Latta French Pop One Handed French Drop VanishVariations Totally Out Of Control 75
Tomoya Horiki Introduction (はじめに) Coinlang. 2
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin (エアーコイン) Discussion and technique on how to create the illusion of a coin with your hands Coinlang. 6
Tomoya Horiki Toss Vanish (トス・バニッシュ) Toss coin to other hand, seems to see the coin be tossed overRelated to Coinlang. 12
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin Roll(エアーコイン・ロール) Creating illusion of a coin rolling down your fingers without any coinsRelated to Coinlang. 17
Tomoya Horiki Air Coin Cut (エアーコイン・カット) Coin Cut routine with "invisible" coinInspired byRelated to Coinlang. 19
Tomoya Horiki Underload (アンダーロード) Four cards dealt on the table, four coins produced, one under each cardInspired by Coinlang. 28
Tomoya Horiki Floating Production (フローティング・プロダクション) Four coins produced singly under one card, as card is held above table and moved acrossInspired by Coinlang. 32
Tomoya Horiki Before Matrix (ビフォア・マトリックス) Four coins disappear with the help of a playing card, then backfire to four corners on the table Coinlang. 34
Tomoya Horiki Unexpected Assembly (アンエクスペクテッド・アセンブリ) Four coins and two cards, travel from under one card to another Coinlang. 40
Tomoya Horiki Fake Beat Move (フェイク・ビート・ムーブ) Audio illusionInspired by Coinlang. 46
Tomoya Horiki 影武者(かげむしゃ) (Kagemusha/Shadow Warrior) Audio illusion for Coins through TableRelated to Coinlang. 48
Tomoya Horiki Simple Filtration (シンプル・フィルトレーション) Coin through TableInspired byRelated to Coinlang. 50
Tomoya Horiki 4 to 1 Transpo (4トゥ1・トランスポ) Four silver coins placed in shirt pocket, Chinese coin in hand transposes with the four silver coins, audio illusion Coinlang. 53
Tomoya Horiki Minimum Coin Box (ミニマム・コインボックス) Coin box routine, four coins travel to box one by one, then return to hand at once (uses a small box)Inspired by Coinlang. 56
Tomoya Horiki Standing Coin (スタンでィング・コイン) Coin standing up on edge on magician's palmInspired by Coinlang. 66
Tomoya Horiki Auto Vanish 2 (オート・バニッシュ2) Coin vanish by squeezing it with fingertips Coinlang. 68
Tomoya Horiki Acknowledgements (謝辞) Coinlang. 71
Tomoya Horiki まえがき (Foreword) Progress Principle 1
Tomoya Horiki Toss Vanish 2.0 Introduction with credits for Toss Vanish 2.0 Progress Principle 5
Tomoya Horiki Toss Vanish (Downward) Toss coin to other hand downwards, seems to see the coin be tossed over, optical illusionRelated to Progress Principle 10
Tomoya Horiki Toss Vanish (Sideways) Toss coin to other hand sideways, seems to see the coin be tossed over, optical illusionRelated to Progress Principle 14
Tomoya Horiki Toss Vanish (Upward) Toss coin to other hand upwards, seems to see the coin be tossed over, optical illusionRelated to Progress Principle 16
Tomoya Horiki Toss Into Breast Pocket Fake toss of coin into shirt pocket Progress Principle 18
Tomoya Horiki Fake Coin Roll Vanish Using coin roll action to mimic a coin, make it "vanish", slight optical illusion Progress Principle 19
Tomoya Horiki Time and again Single coin is apparently tossed into other hand multiple times, keep seeing the coin being tossed over and over againInspired by Progress Principle 20
Tomoya Horiki Open Palm Subtlety Subtlety to show palm empty while palming coin, similar to Ramsay Subtlety Progress Principle 25
Tomoya Horiki New French Pop One handed French Drop Vanish, visually disappearInspired by Progress Principle 27
Tomoya Horiki Isolation Vanish Coin held between fingers, seem to "float" and remain isolated as hands move around it (something like contact juggling), then coin vanishes, inspired by Jerry Andrus and Troy Hooser Progress Principle 29
Tomoya Horiki Electric Sheep One Chinese coin in each hand, five half dollars distributed amongst two hands. End with Chinese coins in one hand, five coins in the other.Inspired by Progress Principle 35
Tomoya Horiki Play It Sprout Triumph Standard Triumph effect, deck cut into eight packets and shuffled face up and down Progress Principle 42
Tomoya Horiki Imaginary Thread Coin animation, tied by imaginary thread, balancing coinInspired by Progress Principle 50
Tomoya Horiki Another Colorful Wild Wild Coin, four different coins and a purse, coins all change into spectator's chosen coinInspired by Progress Principle 54
Tomoya Horiki Stand-up Coin Through the Table Four coins pass through table one by one, done standing at table Progress Principle 64
Tomoya Horiki Coin to Pocket Four coins travel to shirt breast pocket one by one Progress Principle 73
Tomoya Horiki あとがき (Epilogue) Progress Principle 83
Tomoya Horiki Finger Palm Position Pass Progress Principle 68