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Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Die Seelenwanderung der Karten four-of-a-kind placed in square formation in a napkin, two card covered with cardboard, they travel upwards one by one through the napkin, preliminary phase in which every Ace does a trick (comes to top, travels from pocket to pocket, to pocket, appears at any number) to switch the ungaffed cards for double facers Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 1) 2
Ralph W. Hull (6) Topsy-Turvy Climax slop shuffle triumph with preliminary phase in which cards are really shuffled face-up/face-down "Eye-Openers" 12
Stanley Collins Those Aces fair preliminary actions The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 118) 697
John Ramsay Section I. Preliminary 1. Initial Position
2. On the Table
3. Moistening the Beans
4. Poition
Four Little Beans 7
Brother John Hamman The Perfect Bridge Hand spades stacked in preliminary dealing round The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M. 24
Edward Marlo Combination Methods stacking multiple cards in one shuffle, two methods, incorporating preparation methods:
- The Release (from center)
- The Step and Block
- The Preliminary Riffle
The Patented Shuffle (Issue 4 Transfers) 11
Karl Fulves The Preliminaries Riffle Shuffle Technique - Preliminary Notes on Part One 2
Herb Zarrow Additional Zarrow Technique - Preliminary Cut To Set Deck
- One-Shuffle Technique
Riffle Shuffle Technique — Part One 26
Stephen Minch Some Preliminary Remarks and Opinions of the Performing of Psychokinetic Effects in Particular and Mentalism in General also on disclaimers Mind & Matter 9
Peter Duffie Collectors Seminar aces change to royal flush as a kicker Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 9) 734
Earl Nelson Color Changing Deck featuring a deck switch in the lap at the end of an optional preliminary All Backs routine Variations 17
Bob Read Las Vegas Close-Up Seminar Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 1) 785
Jeff Busby Preliminary Set-Ups Mental ReverseInspired by Arcane (Issue 5) 53
Frank Thompson The Thompson Tilt Pass described in context of a control
- The Preliminary Moves
- The Interchange of Packet
- Concluding Observations
The Thompson Pass 1
Karl Fulves OH - The Preliminaries intro for one-handed side steal Side Steal 44
John Ramsay Comedy Billiard Ball Routine four balls, with a hat, at the end balls vanish from hat and appear in performer's mouth
1 - Preliminary
2 - Production of the First Ball
3 - The Ball Penetrates the Hat
4 - Ball Travels to Hat
5 - Production of Second Ball
6 - Ball Behind the Back
7 - Production of Third Ball
8 - Production of Fourth Ball
9 - Disposal of Four Balls in the Hat
10- The Balls Appear in the Mouth
The Ramsay Finale 9
Earl Nelson Au Courant Dessert Magic Seminar, Joe Berg West Coast Quarterly (Vol. 1 No. 1) 5
Steve Bryan Vorwort on the Las Vegas Dessert Seminar Gimmick (Issue 6) 2
Peter Duffie Collectors' Seminar Inspirations 83
Simon Aronson Simple Simon overhand stacking sequence, with pre-setting during preliminary display, with variations in final commentsRelated toVariations The Aronson Approach 36
Karl Fulves The Preliminaries what rope to use, how to prepare it, presentational ideas (rope as suspenders or phone cord) Self-Working Rope Magic 1
Alexander de Cova Etwas zu diesem Seminarheft und meiner Person Verblüffend Einfach - Einfach Verblüffend 5
Jörg Alexander Weber Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft prediction of three selected Tarot cards, representing past, present and futureInspired by
  • Carlhorst Meier, "Mein Tarot Seminar" (1992)
Also published here
ZauberKunst 23
Unknown Seven-Close-Up - Das Seminar der Fertigen Finger 7 Close-Up 2
Jack Carpenter Preliminary Notes and Credits credits for the Freeman Display The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 11
Alexander de Cova Warum Seminare... thoughts about magic lectures Secrets No. 2 83
Jack Carpenter Preliminary Comments Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals 9
Richard Osterlind, John Cornelius Total Knock Out number divination and prediction with gaffed calculator, based on John Cornelius' "Total Recall"
- Business Seminar Presentation
- Stage Presentation
Dynamic Mysteries 54
Jack Avis, Lewis Jones Rollovers "a theme and twelve variations", on the bold rollover force
- Theme
- Variation 1: Avoiding the flash
- Variation 2: Doing without the preliminary peek
- Variation 3: The multiple rollover
- Variation 4: Rollback
- Variation 5: The slipped rollover
- Variation 6: With a face-up marker
- Variation 7: With the face-up deck
- Variation 8: The two-spectator force
- Variation 9: The two-in-one force
- Variation 10: The locator
- Variation 11: The transverse locator
- Variation 12: The rollover control
Ahead of the Pack 34
Lewis Jones Rack and bled starts with shuffled deck, deck set up in preliminary phase, gambling presentationRelated toVariations Ahead of the Pack 162
Alexander de Cova Seminar lectures D-E-C-O-V-A Formel 15
Steven Youell Preliminaries - Acknowledgements
- Dedication ("First, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ")
- License
Weapons of Mass Destruction 3
Christoph Borer Lasset die Musik erklingen! several cards with music titles, selection is predicted with mechanical music boxRelated toAlso published here Compilation 28
Christoph Borer Pralinen five spectators select a chocolate-truffle from a box, they are all brown, the one that is remaining is white, poison storyAlso published here Compilation 34
Christoph Borer Ace Flip four chosen cards change into acesAlso published here Compilation 48
Christoph Borer Get Sharky! performer has one card in pocket, spectator peeks on card from the deck, the card vanishes and appears in the pocketAlso published here Compilation 68
Christian Scherer, Christoph Borer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery wayInspired byRelated toAlso published here Compilation 70
Christoph Borer Die Macht der Psychologie Also published here Compilation 73
Christoph Borer Anagramm-Wahl from a piece of newspaper two selected words are mixed up to form a message, anagramRelated toAlso published here Compilation 131
Christoph Borer Herz 10 Related to
  • Herz 10 in "Seminarnotizen 2006"
Compilation 140
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulumAlso published here Compilation 145
Christoph Borer Runen-Wunder selected rune stone is divinedAlso published here
  • Runen-Mirakel in "Seminar 1997"
Compilation 151
Jörg Alexander Weber Drei-Namen-Eröffnung three names on billets, pseudo-psychometry, last name divinedInspired by
  • "Meine Drei-Zettel-Routine" (Carlhorst Meier, Seminar Carlhorst Meier)
ZauberKunstStücke - Band 2 49
Pablo Luis López Mendizábal Preliminary Note from first edition in 1958 The Magic of Ascanio - Knives and Color-Blindness 16
Minar Minar's Visual Color Change 3/4 knife The Magic of Ascanio - Knives and Color-Blindness 52
Arturo de Ascanio Preliminary Note chapter intro The Magic of Ascanio — Knives and Color-Blindness 75
Christoph Borer Bank Night four envelopes, apparently goes wrong, three consolation prizes which are better than the prize the spectator winsRelated to
  • Eckhard Böttcher's "Bank Night verkehrt" in "Magische Perlen Band 1 - Das Beste aus meinem Routinen-Service" 1995, P. 21
Also published here
Aspekte der psychologischen Force 18
Michael Skinner A Few Words from Various Luminaries of the Art quotes given by Michael Skinner from Annemann, Hugard, Baker, LePaul, Tarbell, Vernon Lecture Notes - Honolulu Hawaii 5
Harry Lorayne Psychic Spell placing the selection with preliminary bluff spell and turnover of whole packet Special Effects 181
Jan Logemann Bill Switch Inspired by
  • switch in "Das Manuel Muerte Seminar", 1998
Stand-Up Fantasies 13
Roberto Giobbi Graduation: The Hidden Agenda Seminar Certificate Hidden Agenda (Issue Dec 31) 376
Roberto Giobbi Control with Dribble and Side Shuffle - Optional Preliminary Procedure
- Selection Procedure
- The Side-Control Shuffle
- Additional Options
Related to Standup Card Magic 55
Christoph Borer Die Catha-Zettel spectator selects one of five billets on which is written "may the show begin", on the other billets are humorous remarksRelated to 21 26
Kainoa Harbottle Stacked Coins Palm Transfer Transferring stack of coins from finger clip to clipped by thumbRelated to
  • "Pendulum Hanging Coins" (Kainoa Harbottle, New York Coin Magic Seminar Vol. 5, DVD)
Coinlang. 59
Christoph Borer Mein spanisches Seminar on the Spanish lecture tour and the use of different forces
- Catha-Zettel
Related to Mentale Notizen 24
Ryan Murray Technique preliminary remarks Curious Weaving xiii
Markus Beldig Three-Billet Test Inspired by
  • "Meine Drei-Zettel-Routine" (Carlhorst Meier, Seminar Carlhorst Meier)
The Florida Notes 2019 10