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Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change - Technique of the Visual Retention Change
- The Visual Change
- The Multiple Visual Retention Change
Related toVariations Hierophant (Issue 5-6) 239
Dave Buck Octomus Palm Top card is placed into right hand palm, face of card is against the palmRelated toVariations If An Octopus Could Palm 18
Peter McKinnon Introduction The Blackpool Prediction 2
Peter McKinnon Acknowledgement, Yo! The Blackpool Prediction 3
Peter McKinnon The Blackpool Prediction named card apparently travels into card case, only gag message found inside
- WTF!?! (case shown empty in advance)
- BottomFeeder
Related toVariations The Blackpool Prediction 7
Peter McKinnon No, Really with selection, after gag card actually appears in caseRelated to The Blackpool Prediction 19
Daniel Madison Fully Loaded case appears in spectator's pocket, then gagInspired by The Blackpool Prediction 26
Adam Wilber Fah-Q prediction of named card announced to be written in case, nothing seen, writing suddenly appears insideInspired by The Blackpool Prediction 31
Peter McKinnon Dragonfly 3.0 card jumps from deck to fingertips, featuring a palmRelated to Burn After Reading 5
Peter McKinnon PMACAAN spectator stops at mateInspired by
  • routine on Danny Garcia Penguin Live Lecture
Burn After Reading 6
Peter McKinnon Retention Switch two cards held on edge of deck, one switchedRelated to Burn After Reading 7
Peter McKinnon Crow double, one-handed change Burn After Reading 8
Peter McKinnon Additional Uses for "Crow" Burn After Reading 12
Peter McKinnon Arthur prediction card tabled, it cannot be turned over (double backer), then changes into named selection, optional ending in which it cannot be face down Burn After Reading 13
Peter McKinnon Slip Change snap change hybrid Burn After Reading 16
Peter McKinnon Palm Load right hand loads card into center as it is waved over deck Burn After Reading 18
Peter McKinnon One Finger CTRL with dummy card sticking out Burn After Reading 19
Peter McKinnon Closing Thoughts Burn After Reading 20