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Ben Seward Introduction Cog 6
Ben Seward A Free Choice Some sentences to say to psychologically limit audiences' choice of cards when instructing them to think of a card Cog 7
Ben Seward Think of a Card Chapter intro Cog 9
Ben Seward Flicker Determining the color of the thought of card by watching for the audience's eye flickering Cog 12
Ben Seward Sylilable Determining the suit of the thought of card by watching the timing of the audience's nods Cog 16
Ben Seward Count Determining the value of the thought of card by counting the timing of the audience's eye flickers Cog 22
Ben Seward Outs Outs to use in case you cannot guess their thought of card Cog 27
Ben Seward Coins Determine the value of a thought of coin Cog 39
Ben Seward The Choice Tips and advice on how to increase success rate of "think of a card" Cog 43
Ben Seward Acknowledgements Cog 49