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Ravi Pazhur Harald Kurz Hardcore 28
Harald Kurz Zum Daumenschreiber about the nail writer, application for children
- Der Daumenschreiber im Kinderprogramm
Hardcore 29
Harald Kurz A - Z Brainstorming twenty-six comments on magic and effects, one for each letter Hardcore 31
Harald Kurz A - Assistentin comment about assistants Hardcore 31
Harald Kurz B - Bügel about appearing objects inside a balloon, without assistant Hardcore 31
Harald Kurz C - Comedy Magic Hardcore 32
Harald Kurz D - Daumen, brennender burning thumb Hardcore 32
Harald Kurz E - Eisblock preparing and handling an ice block for tricks Hardcore 33
Harald Kurz F - Feuerring on appearing flame in hand Hardcore 33
Harald Kurz G - Golfbälle using golf balls for manipulation Hardcore 33
Harald Kurz H - Hände tip for sweaty palms Hardcore 33
Harald Kurz I - Invisible Deck comment Hardcore 34
Harald Kurz J - Jack, the Ripper on stage illusions Hardcore 34
Harald Kurz K - Knetmasse using play-doh to make objects vanish that are loose or difficult to handle Hardcore 34
Harald Kurz L - Latexhuhn on the rubber chicken Hardcore 34
Harald Kurz M - Mikromatte comments on using a close-up mats Hardcore 35
Harald Kurz N - Nichts, das Tor zum using a bigger ring in manipulation routines, things appear and vanish inside it Hardcore 35
Harald Kurz O - Oper presentational idea for using floating ball in opera Hardcore 35
Harald Kurz P - Pannen on mishaps Hardcore 35
Harald Kurz Q - Quickie gag to use when something appears out of the air Hardcore 36
Harald Kurz R - Ringspiel using bicycle locks Hardcore 36
Harald Kurz S - Speisefarben food coloring to color liquids or flash strings Hardcore 36
Harald Kurz T - Tiere on using animals Hardcore 37
Harald Kurz U - Unterwasserzauberei simulating under water magic with stage decoration Hardcore 37
Harald Kurz V - Vorträge on patter Hardcore 37
Harald Kurz W - Wasserzeitung tip for leafing through a newspaper Hardcore 37
Harald Kurz X - X-Ray presenting Zig Zag illusion as x-ray machine Hardcore 38
Harald Kurz Y - Yuppi comment Hardcore 38
Harald Kurz Z - Zombie using third hand Hardcore 38