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Dai Vernon Triumph Variations Stars of Magic (Vol. 2 No. 1) 23
Joseph Diez Gergonne From Gergonne to Gargantua Chapter intro, describes Gergonne's Pile Problem, which is basically the 21 card trick using twenty seven cardsRelated toVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 33
Al Koran Double Thought spectator finds performer's card and the other way around, marked deckRelated toVariations Al Koran's Professional Presentations 89
Al Schneider Matrix - Drill I - The Pickup
- Drill II - Card Placement
- A Word About the Drills
- Rules of Practice
- Of Magic and Matrix
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • "Matrix" in "Genii" 11/1970
Matrix 3
Juan Tamariz Neither Blind Nor Silly red black stack, two cardsVariationsAlso published here Sonata 211
Simon Aronson Simon-Eyes two cards thought of with counting procedure, both cards divined with "No No's Fishing"
- Reality
- The Problem
- No No's Fishing
- The Simon-Eyes Arrangement
- The Selection Procedure
- Fishing in the Simon-Eyes Pack
- Fishing for the Values
- Fishing for the Suits
- The Faro Restacking Simon-Eyes Pack
Related toVariations The Aronson Approach 123
Alex Elmsley Animal, Vegetable and Mineral pack of children's picture cards, three selections made and divinedVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 89
Simon Aronson Everybody's Lazy two spectators and performer remember cards, performer names position of spectator's cards, spectator names number and there is performer's card, no-touchVariations Simply Simon 167
Paul Harris The Anything Deck any word (!) appears written on cardsRelated toVariations The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue New Stuff) 23
Pit Hartling Feurio "Chaos (Mandelbrod's Revenge)", red black antifaro methodVariations Das kleine grüne Heft 12
Steve Mayhew The Ultimate Gardner-Marlo spectator shuffles between roundsRelated to Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals 16
Persi Diaconis, Ron Graham, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Herb Zarrow Gilbreath's Second Principle Spectator shuffles the cards, deals out five hands, one of the hands is a good hand, but the hand of the imaginary partner gets a straight flush, uses ideas from Herb Zarrow and Ron WohlRelated to
  • "U-shuffle Poker" (David Ben, Zarrow, A Lifetime of Magic)
Magical Mathematics 66
Pit Hartling Sherlock selection found in deck shuffled by spectator, returns to stack, interlocking chainsRelated toVariations In Order to Amaze 40
Matt Baker Introduction The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 9
Matt Baker Prologue Introduces the three protagonists of the book The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 14
Matt Baker Acknowledgements The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 17
Matt Baker Card College - First phase: magician can accurately estimate the number of cards in a packet cut off by spectator
- Second phase: magician can accurately estimate the number of cards in a packet cut off by spectator and hidden in pocket, after cards have been shuffled
- Third phase: magician can name every card in a packet previously placed inside the card box, unseen
Inspired by
  • "Blind Estimation" (Luis Otero, Cartificios, DVD)
The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 21
Matt Baker Casablanca Spectator predicts which card magician will freely select, magician divines card selected by spectatorInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 31
Matt Baker Location Sensing Device Magician locates spectator's card, and vice versaInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 40
Matt Baker Tilapia Two spectators each think of a card, magician slowly divines each selection without wrong statements, includes versions built into Tamariz and Aronson stackInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 51
Matt Baker Variations Part I (The Buena Vista Shuffle Club) Discussion on the memorized deck The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 59
Matt Baker, Peter W. Tappan Histed Hoisted Inspired by
  • "Histed Heisted" (Simon Aronson, The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson)
The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 62
Matt Baker Elementary, My Dear Vernon divining a selection by eliminating the impossible, followed by ending with a TriumphInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 72
Matt Baker Clue Mentalism routine themed around the game Clue, magician predicts the murderer, the weapon and the location of a murder The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 79
Matt Baker Say Anything Lie detector effect, end with magician showing prediction in an envelope of a random word thought of and written down by spectator, prediction is printed letter by letter on cardsInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 101
Matt Baker Variations Part II (The Buena Vista Shuffle Club) Chapter intro The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 115
Matt Baker Foiled by the Origami Test, Saved by the Lemon Law Presentation idea for the Bill in Lemon routine, with a brief description of the method The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 116
Matt Baker Three Coin Monte Standard Monte plot, but done with coins, one of them with an X drawn on it, ends with the target coin in coin pouch The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 121
Matt Baker Hive Mind Spectators help create a prediction about the number of coins held by two spectators (pennies, quarters, nickels and dimes), mathematical principle based on red/black relationship principleInspired by
  • "The Intuition Test" (Dr Larry Hass, Deep Mental Mysteries)
The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 135
Matt Baker Quantum Matrix Presentation idea for classic coin Matrix effect, four coins and four cards, backfire ending, uses Siamese coins gimmick by Mike GalloInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 144
Matt Baker, Barrie Richardson Banned For Life Variation on Shuffle Bored, done as a real time skill demonstration of card counting for casino cheating. Magician can tell number of cards face up, number of red cards, and the total sum of the values of the red cards

Includes a magician-fooler method using "Rounders" gaffed cards, idea by Barrie Richardson, which is basically stripper deck but with rounded corners
The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 159
Matt Baker Subconscious Shuffle Tracking Magician cuts to spectator's selection, then spectator stops and finds their own selection, then magician cuts to the three other mates The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 176
Matt Baker Gilbreath Poker Both spectator and magician deal five hands of poker from their cards, each deal a good hand to an imaginary player, leaving the best hand for themselvesInspired byRelated to The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 195
Matt Baker Triple-Fried Three cards selected by three spectators through a lot of dealing, magician then divines all three selections, can be done with memorized deck or a special stackInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 204
Matt Baker Pile Driver Complicated mathematical version of the twenty one card trick, based on principle by Edmé-Gilles GuyotInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 217
Matt Baker Variations Part III (The Buena Vista Shuffle Club) Chapter intro The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 226
Matt Baker Avenging Mandelbrot Magician finds two selections after haphazardly dealing the deck and reassembling themInspired by The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 227
Matt Baker S.O.L. card selected by spectator under very stringent conditions, magician is still able to divine its identity, x-ray case The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 233
Matt Baker Outlier Card freely named by spectator, spectator then selects a card from the deck. Rest of the deck is shown to be duplicates of another card, but the selected card is the named card, uses a Double Decker deck The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 242
Matt Baker Quick Reference Guide The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 251