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Dan Sperry Introduction Notes About Nothing 1
Dan Sperry Go Eat Worms Bag of gummy worms is poured out onto spectator's hands, the gummy worms transform into real worms Notes About Nothing 2
Dan Sperry Boogers From Mouth Green spongeballs from mouth, multiply, and then produce a sponge donut from mouth as a finale Notes About Nothing 8
Dan Sperry Dove From Sketch Pad Magician draws bird on sketchpad, paper is crumpled and dove is produced Notes About Nothing 13
Dan Sperry Made in China Gag, "Made in China" watermark appears on a borrowed bill Notes About Nothing 21
Dan Sperry H1N1 Gag, magician sneezes and a lot of mucus is produced, magician then eats the mucus Notes About Nothing 24
Dan Sperry Pin Striped Pants Two different buttons fastened on trousers switch places with a wave of the hand Notes About Nothing 26
Dan Sperry Always Remember to Floss Swallow razor blades and dental floss, they come out threaded Notes About Nothing 30
Dan Sperry Oh! Magician concentrates and makes a balloon burst remotely Notes About Nothing 36
Dan Sperry Cookie Cutter Russian roulette with razor blade hidden in Oreo Cookies Notes About Nothing 39