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Gene "Phantini" Grant Message Reading without a Clue message sealed in pay envelopeRelated toVariations Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets 2
Chuck Hickok Demonstration Two: Triple Influence prediction of brand of a gum, postcard and line on newspaper article, on a a bannerRelated toVariationsAlso published here
  • Vibrations, Chuck Hickock
Mentalism, Incorporated 65
Markus Beldig Introduction / Acknowledgements The Double Decker 2
Markus Beldig Introduction - Acknowledgements The Florida Notes 2019 3
Markus Beldig Free Choice one of four envelopes chosen, tarot card chosen, television program cut where spectator asks, both items predicted in a letter in the chosen envelope, the other envelopes contain moneyInspired by The Florida Notes 2019 4
Markus Beldig Three-Billet Test Inspired by
  • "Meine Drei-Zettel-Routine" (Carlhorst Meier, Seminar Carlhorst Meier)
The Florida Notes 2019 10
Markus Beldig The BBB Peek "Beldig's Bold Baltic Peek"
business card in pay envelope, information peeked
Inspired by The Florida Notes 2019 14
Markus Beldig, Neal Scryer The Scryer ideas - and my additions applications for "The BBB Peek"
a) dream destination divined
b) spectators divine a place written in an envelope by another spectator
c) Decision Time (divination with a yes/no question)
Inspired by
  • routine in "Black & White" (Neal Scryer)
  • "Effects with Cards", "Flipping Cards" (Little Black Book, Neal Scryer)
The Florida Notes 2019 17
Markus Beldig WatchCraft spectators's watches put in five envelopes, one spectator finds his own watch, the rest assigned by performer The Florida Notes 2019 19
Markus Beldig PATEO Handling The Florida Notes 2019 23