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Horace E. Bennett Coin Exchange five english pennies in an okito box transpose with four half dollars, hollowed stack, version of Jimmy Ray's "Okito Coin Box Routine" from "Between the Acts" The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 2 149
Jimmy Ray Acknowledgements A Ray of Magic 1
Jimmy Ray A Message to the Reader A Ray of Magic 2
Jimmy Ray Forward A Ray of Magic 3
Jimmy Ray Close-Up Magic: The Art of the Art of Close-Up Magic Do's and Don'ts on close-up magic A Ray of Magic 5
Jimmy Ray Card Fall A Ray of Magic 7
Jimmy Ray Berlin Swindle joker placed face-up on position where spectator stopped at A Ray of Magic 8
Jimmy Ray Making the Key Card locator card, piece glued to center of card A Ray of Magic 10
Jimmy Ray Side by Side card is reversed in deck next to selections A Ray of Magic 12
Jimmy Ray Side by Side 2nd Version card is reversed in deck next to selections, without gimmicked card A Ray of Magic 14
Jimmy Ray Side Peek riffle force with thick card, routine simple reverse A Ray of Magic 15
Jimmy Ray Side Swindle card is found by feeling sides of the deck A Ray of Magic 17
Jimmy Ray Dumb Bird bird does not find card, selection found in 'contract' envelope A Ray of Magic 18
Jimmy Ray Bermuda Aces Aces vanish and appear when their names are spelled, Aces are lost again and found with different methods A Ray of Magic 21
Jimmy Ray Matrix Under Glass four coins under card penetrate table and fall into glass one by one A Ray of Magic 25
Jimmy Ray Ace Color Change cutting to four Aces, then backs change color A Ray of Magic 28
Jimmy Ray Snap Colour Change A Ray of Magic 30
Jimmy Ray Back Door Aces one of the Aces turns over twice A Ray of Magic 31
Jimmy Ray The Magic Figure 8 A Ray of Magic 33
Jimmy Ray Coins Through the Table (with Shell) A Ray of Magic 41
Jimmy Ray Silver and Copper Double Cross four copper and four silver, always to change places A Ray of Magic 45
Jimmy Ray Okito Coin Box four silver coins in box change places with four copper coins under table A Ray of Magic 46
Gary Ouellet Key Cards on different Key Card concepts
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5. The Jimmy Ray Card
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