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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Shift. One Hand VariationsAlso published here The Expert at the Card Table 99
Bruce Allen The Ring and Rope with extra pieceVariationsAlso published here Striking Magic 24
Jay Sankey The Four Dimensional Coin coin visibly penetrates bill, shellVariations Sankey Panky 72
Ravi Pazhur Felix Felix Farrell Hardcore 123
Felix Farrell Tip coin visibly penetrates billInspired byAlso published here Hardcore 124
Felix Farrell Puttin' on the Ritz spoon visibly pulled out of center of finger ring Hardcore 129
Felix Farrell Torn and Restored signed card torn in half and restored Hardcore 134
Felix Farrell Watch the Ring ring onto wrist watch held by spectator on both endsInspired by
  • "Ring on Pencil" (Charlie Miller, Magic Video Library, Impromptu 1)
Also published here
Hardcore 142
Michael Weber The Five-Cent Ring On Stick Variations Life Savers 67
Felix Farrell Another Flurry coin appears, penetrates hand, travels, vanishes from a handkerchief and turns into jumbo coin Aus dem Effeff... 26
Felix Farrell Coin Production Aus dem Effeff... 27
Felix Farrell Coin Transformation to jumbo coin, under handkerchief Aus dem Effeff... 31
Felix Farrell Mental Horoscope divination of zodiac sign, works only in german Aus dem Effeff... 33
Felix Farrell X-Ray Card card in box is divined, then it vanishes from box and appears somewhere else Aus dem Effeff... 36
Felix Farrell Stealing Card out of Card Case Aus dem Effeff... 38
Felix Farrell Behind My Ear pen and cap vanish and appear behind ears Aus dem Effeff... 41
Felix Farrell Baby-Bend bending spoon, additional handle Aus dem Effeff... 45
Felix Farrell Watch the Ring finger ring on watch strap, similar to ring on stickInspired byAlso published here Aus dem Effeff... 48
Felix Farrell Pure Rope rope is cut several times with fingers and is then restored again, multi-phase routineInspired by
  • George Sands' "Sandsational Rope"
Aus dem Effeff... 51
Felix Farrell Ring & Rope Climax climax for Allen / Williamson routine, ring knotted on rope, ring is removed with knot on itInspired by Aus dem Effeff... 66
Felix Farrell Warm Up tie penetrates neck Aus dem Effeff... 69
Felix Farrell Tip coin penetrates billAlso published here Aus dem Effeff... 71
Felix Farrell Commando Watch presentation for watch steal, announcing the steal and doing it in form of a competition Aus dem Effeff... 75
Felix Farrell Einleitung Aus dem Effeff... 10
Felix Farrell Coin Vision coin vanishes and is reproduced from eye Aus dem Effeff... 79
Felix Farrell Air-Brush handkerchief appears with the aid of a felt pen, vanishes and appears inside the pen Aus dem Effeff... 13
Felix Farrell Finger-Aerobic finger magic, bending first finger into impossible positions Aus dem Effeff... 17
Felix Farrell Single-Handed Slip-Cut using "The Erdnase Shift. One Hand"Inspired by Aus dem Effeff... 83
Felix Farrell Pierced Polyester impromptu knife through jacketAlso published here Aus dem Effeff... 21
Felix Farrell Impromptu Sidewalk Shuffle three black cards and Queen, discarded card is always Queen, then all discarded cards change to Queens Aus dem Effeff... 85
Felix Farrell Back to the Future coin penetrates back of the hand and appears inside closed fist Aus dem Effeff... 92
Felix Farrell Das Beste zum Schluss... chapter with several essays
- Ist Ihnen schon aufgefallen, dass Sie gar nicht auffallen?
- Gehen Sie doch mal in die Disco!
- Sagen Sie erst mal "Guten Tag"!
- Essen Sie manchmal Ihre Suppe im Stehen?
- Nur für Nichtschwimmer!
- Und da wäre noch die Sache mit dem Schwimmen....
Aus dem Effeff... 95
Felix Farrell Nachwort Aus dem Effeff... 101
Felix Farrell Pierced Polyester knife through jacketAlso published here Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 4) 2632