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Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Charles and Regina Reynolds, Richiardi, Ger Cooper, Tha Fantasios, Bobby Baxter Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 10) 590
Fantasio Silk Through Glass ungaffed The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 41
Fantasio Fantastic Chip Turnover double sided displayVariations The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 1 43
Fantasio Any Reel - Locking Reel how to make a locking reel out of a non-locking reel The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 123
Adam Fleischer The New York Magic Symposium In Los Angeles, California report and highlights, Michael Ammar, Sam Angelico, Daryl, Fantasio, Richard Kaufman, Paul Harris, Pat Hazell, Jeff McBride, Tom Mullica, Edwin Rojas, David Roth, Jay Sankey, Slydini, Dai Vernon The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 4 14
Fantasio Vorwort Fantasio 1
Fantasio 20th Century-Stock nach neuer Art two handkerchiefs appear on ends of a cane, third handkerchief vanishes, then cane vanishes and handkerchief can be found knotted two other two silks Fantasio 2
Fantasio Stockfärbung und Verwandlung in eine Flagge cane changes color three times, then it transforms into flag Fantasio 6
Fantasio Feuerzeug zu Streichholz match is removed from a non-working lighter and ignited Fantasio 10
Fantasio Kerze zu Tuch mit klarer Handhabung candle transforms into silk Fantasio 12
Fantasio Die schwebende und sich verwandelnde Kerze candle floats inside a tube and transforms into handkerchief Fantasio 15
Fantasio Der tatsächlich verschwindende Stock vanishing cane handling with reel Fantasio 19
Fantasio Die wirklich verschwindende Kerze candle vanishes under handkerchief Fantasio 24
Fantasio Die erscheinende und verschwindende Kerze candle appears and disappears under handkerchief Fantasio 28
Fantasio Arretierung einer auseinandergezogenen Kerze locking mechanism for vanishing candle Fantasio 35
Fantasio Kerze zu Tuch zu Stock candle transforms into handkerchief and later into cane Fantasio 37
Fantasio Ein Tuch durchdringt ein Glas handkerchief is pulled from a glass which is enclosed with second handkerchief and a rubber band Fantasio 39
Fantasio Der Karten-Schwert-Stock card sword with cane, two cards are correct last card is wrong, cane changes into silk with printed card Fantasio 44
Fantasio Seildurchdringung rope is pulled through body Fantasio 50
Arturo de Ascanio Impresiones Magicas Turisticas y Gastronomicas de un Viaje a Austria. Congreso de Graz - 1980 on the magic convention in Graz, on Giobbi, Vermeyden, Charly Miret, Braunmüller, Reinhard Müller, Wizard und Gille, Fred van Thom, Howard Schwarzman, Ger Cooper, Fantasios, Horst Gille, Heinrich Maitz, Peter Kersten, Magic Christian, Kurt Freitag La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 6 101
Fantasio "Magischer Kassettenrekorder" electrical socket is drawn on pad and real cable plugged in, radio starts to play Fantasio 3
Fantasio Das Challenger Gimmick method for locking a vanishing cane or candle without extra props Fantasio 6
Fantasio Der Challenger Stock cane to handkerchief, with challenger preparation Fantasio 9
Fantasio Die Challenger Kerze vanishing candle, with challenger preparation Fantasio 11
Fantasio Farbwechsel ohne Klebeband color changing cane, without sticky tape Fantasio 13
Fantasio Akrobatischer, farbwechselnder Stock silk on cane jumps into a hat, cane changes color and then transforms into silk Fantasio 15
Fantasio Verbesserter Zick-Zack-Kartentrick with frame Fantasio 18
Fantasio Flammende Daumenspitze building a thumb tip flame, removing flame from lighter Fantasio 21
Fantasio "Todsicheres" Produzieren eines brennenden Streichholzes out when produced match is not burning, match changes to lighter Fantasio 25
Fantasio Ein grosszügiger Zauberer three ropes hold in hand, on one end is a bill attached, two spectators can select a rope and they will not win the money Fantasio 27
Tom Stone Light Stretching production of Fantasio Appearing Candle Vortex 188
Fantasio The Invisible Thimble Secret Agenda (Issue Aug 2) 230
Michael Rubinstein, Fantasio Modified Fantastic Chip Turnover Inspired byRelated to
  • Michael Rubinstein, Knockout Coin Magic Vol. 2 and 3 (2001)
The Doors of Deception 125