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Edward Marlo Visual Transposition Variations The Cardician 121
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Effects and Presentations by José Carroll Epoptica (Issue 4) 193
Jeff Busby (reviewer) 52 Lovers by José Carroll Epoptica (Issue 12) 547
José Carroll The Unwary Cheater or The Nine Card Monte, ungaffedVariations 52 Lovers 47
S. W. Erdnase, José Carroll Erdnase Palm Handling here with small packet 52 Lovers 51
José Carroll, Carmen D'Amico, Martin A. Nash The Economical Double Lift... And more D'Amicao replacement independently inventedInspired by 52 Lovers 57
José Carroll Variations handling for unloading and inserting card for ambitious card routine 52 Lovers 59
José Carroll Torn Ambition ambitious card has a corner torn off, is torn and restored at the end (minus corner)Related to 52 Lovers 65
Wesley James, José Carroll Coming Up in the World adaption of the move 52 Lovers 70
José Carroll A Triumph with Fans in the hands 52 Lovers 79
José Carroll Red and Black full act, cards turn blank, red and black gloves change to white 52 Lovers 89
José Carroll Travellers... Through the Case signed aces from cased deck to four pockets 52 Lovers 105
José Carroll The Glass Wall cards through newpaper with transparent sheetVariations 52 Lovers 123
José Carroll Blackbacked Card invisible through transparent sheet 52 Lovers 123
José Carroll Suit Appearance suit produced, changed to other chosen suitRelated to 52 Lovers 137
Bill Simon, José Carroll Swivel Cut Production 52 Lovers 141
José Carroll Instructions signed card appears bound in spiralbound bookletRelated to 52 Lovers 157
José Carroll Conflicts - the magic conflict
- suspense
- other techniques
- rational conflict
- the challenge
- personal conflict
52 Lovers 11
José Carroll Thumb Palm Switch double, one card stolen 52 Lovers 130
José Carroll The Card in the Glass card put in wine glass changesVariations 52 Lovers 34
José Carroll The Card Wrapped in Cellophane Paper 52 Lovers 39
José Carroll The Card pierced by the Hat Pin 52 Lovers 43
José Carroll Reflections four Aces change 6 times, Universal Card plot with aces 52 Lovers — Volume II 9
José Carroll All Backs - The Creation handling for beginning and end, tarot cards 52 Lovers — Volume II 22
José Carroll Card Pages deck of cards into notebook 52 Lovers — Volume II 29
José Carroll Crystal Transposition black card in glass, two cards in hand 52 Lovers — Volume II 32
José Carroll Transposition at the point of no return cards with one and two hatpins in it 52 Lovers — Volume II 34
José Carroll Handling with Help, or Handy Handlings double card handlings with extra card 52 Lovers — Volume II 37
José Carroll The Card-Calculator ambitious card, card to number, stop trick, card folded to calculator 52 Lovers — Volume II 47
José Carroll Oil and Water in a Wine Glass plays large, vertical, 4&4, one color disappears as climaxVariations 52 Lovers — Volume II 59
José Carroll Flying Aces gaffed 52 Lovers — Volume II 73
José Carroll Cannibals! elaborate routine involving fake mustache and teeth, half eaten cards... 52 Lovers — Volume II 85
José Carroll Mir...ages reflection of chosen cards appears on four mirrors 52 Lovers — Volume II 102
José Carroll Through the Looking Glass face of card is transferred into card shaped mirror leaving a blank card behind 52 Lovers — Volume II 106
José Carroll Illusion, Reality and Magic mirror turns to glass, card appears in mirror 52 Lovers — Volume II 105
José Carroll Triple three selections nailed to board, when deck is thrown towards it 52 Lovers — Volume II 110
Douglas Cameron Check It Out mentioning lost tricks in the literatureRelated to Profile (Issue 4) 10
José Carroll, Alexander de Cova Card Steal from Glass to behind walletRelated to Ein Profi packt aus... 58
Andy Maas Professional 9-Card-Monte Related to Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 2 No. 4) 50
Christian Scherer Ehrgeiziger geht es nicht mehr ambitious card sequence with torn cornerRelated to Karten à la carte 74
Alexander de Cova Perfect 9-Card-Monte with three-card-monte introInspired by Secrets No. 2 33
Jim Lee Nine Card Monte with Ace of Diamonds and eight blank cardsRelated to Card File Two 137
Roberto Giobbi, José Carroll Flash Transposition three indifferent cards change places with three of the four acesInspired by Card College — Volume 4 855
José Carroll Cambio de Color del Pañuelo with two thumb tips La Magia Española del Siglo XX 243
Román García Agua y Aceite ideas the faro fan for Oil and Water
- Evaporación y condensación (à la Carroll, one color vanishes and reappears)
- Agitación
Inspired by Nanomagias 138
Román García El Muro de Cristal four cards signed on the back, through transparent handkerchief, covered with postcardInspired byRelated to
  • Gabi Pareras' "Ases clandestino" in "Sequencias"
Nanomagias 165
Denis Behr, José Carroll Suit Surprise with credit information on the plotInspired by Handcrafted Card Magic — Volume 2 65
José Carroll, Iván Mora Card Switch as a force, spread on table Magia Demente 48
Harry Lorayne Thirteen's Closer transformation kicker of suitRelated to JawDroppers! 52
José Carroll, Gabi Pareras, Antonio Romero Bill Switch 100 bill switch, different way of folding the bill A Fuego Lento — Volumen II 220
José Carroll The Card in the Glass card in glass changes The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 6
Vanni Bossi Card under Glass Production cards appear under glass several timesInspired by The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 6
Joaquín Matas El "Nonile" (El Incauto Tramposo) 9 card monteInspired by A Fuego Lento — Volumen II 93