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Dai Vernon Transferring a bottom stock to the top Variations More Inner Secrets of Card Magic 52
Karl Fulves Negative Stock Shuffle changing the number of players of a stacked set, posed as a problemRelated to Riffle Shuffle Technique — Preliminary Notes on Part One 21
Paul Harris A Very Strange Exchange card and coin transpose, three handlings
- Macho Man One Coin Version
- Cheap Shot Invisible Version
Related toVariations Close-up Fantasies Finalé 89
Edward Marlo Pivot Steal and Replacement Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 166
Karl Fulves The Restacking Problem players leave or arrive after deck is already stacked, several solutions:
- 4 Hands to 3
- 5 Hands to 4
- 5 Hands to 3
- 3 Hands to 5
- Mind Games (including finding some thought of cards (blindfold poker deal))
Related to Riffle Shuffle Technique — Part Three 192
Ben Harris Crosswize Rize card rises perpendicular from deck on tableVariationsAlso published here Out Of His Mind! 24
Dai Vernon It Stands Alone face up pile in deck turn over except one cardVariations The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 195
Edward Marlo Tip - Ambitious Bit #2 Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 46
Larry Jennings Erdnase Break Clip Reverse as deck is turned overRelated to The Cardwright 91
Paul Sorrentino Bluffed Again directly to the bottom, also with cover card, basically the same as Earick handlingRelated to The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 27) 477
Tom Potente Flip Revelation Inspired byRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 12 No. 2) 1607
Ernest Earick Claptrap three cards jump out of deck By Forces Unseen 3
Ernest Earick Proteus indifferent changes into selection via snap change By Forces Unseen 15
Ernest Earick Jack Syna(ps)ces jacks face up distributed in deck change places with aces on top of deckRelated toVariations By Forces Unseen 27
Ernest Earick Lonely at the Top kind of assembly, packet of face down cards and face up ace changes to four face up aces By Forces Unseen 45
Ernest Earick House Guest fingertip handling By Forces Unseen 52
Ernest Earick A Little Bit Patter presentation for restacking the deck when a player leavesAlso published here Profile (Issue 15) 10
Ernest Earick The Longitudinal Swivel Steal centre to right hand longitudinal palm, with replacement to bottom as control By Forces Unseen 63
Ernest Earick Swivel Steal Lapping one handed By Forces Unseen 71
Ernest Earick Thought Manifest peeked at card appears visually in empty hands By Forces Unseen 72
Ernest Earick Bureau d'Échange four kings change place with selection in pocket By Forces Unseen 81
Ernest Earick Kato-nine-tails deck tabled, slapping hand empty By Forces Unseen 91
Ernest Earick Yours, Mine, Yours coin with card face up in centre of deckInspired by By Forces Unseen 102
Ernest Earick Alone in a Crowd centre portion of deck with selection is turned face up, all except selection turn down againInspired by By Forces Unseen 111
Ernest Earick A Flippant Triumph nice visual ending By Forces Unseen 119
Ernest Earick Bottomland Aces spectator shuffles, performer cuts to four aces By Forces Unseen 125
Ernest Earick Double Damned VariationsAlso published here By Forces Unseen 141
Ernest Earick Cross Purposes card rises perpendicular from deck on tableInspired by By Forces Unseen 153
Ernest Earick Lustig for Life named value is cut to, selection at that numberVariations By Forces Unseen 165
Ernest Earick One Shuffle - One Winner black jack for any number of players from shuffled deck By Forces Unseen 173
Ernest Earick Poker Blind two shuffle stack for four cards, five hands By Forces Unseen 178
Ernest Earick Tandem in One one shuffle stack for two quartets, five players, random positions By Forces Unseen 182
Ernest Earick The Case of the Inconstant Player adjusting five player stack if up to three leave or two arriveRelated to By Forces Unseen 192
Ernest Earick A Little Bit Patter presentation for restacking the deck when a player leavesRelated toAlso published here By Forces Unseen 199
John Scarne Factory Seconds apparently several Sevens of Hearts are in the deck, they are all put aside and change into AcesVariations Rigmarole (Issue 3) 29
Ernest Earick Benzais spin-cut handling By Forces Unseen 168
Ernest Earick Between the palms Production visual By Forces Unseen 79
Ernest Earick, Bob Veeser, Derek Dingle Bluff Shift Variant Related to By Forces Unseen 39
Ernest Earick Bottom Palm, one-handed independent of Curry's palmRelated to By Forces Unseen 85
Ernest Earick Bow-to-stern Control Related toVariations By Forces Unseen 16
Ernest Earick Braue Reversal Variant By Forces Unseen 46
Ernest Earick Broadside Center Steal centre to right Tenkai palm, with replacement to bottom By Forces Unseen 55
Ernest Earick Clap Midair Production By Forces Unseen 13
Ernest Earick Clap Spin-Out Revelation for single or double cards By Forces Unseen 12
Ernest Earick Apologia on sleight-of-hand By Forces Unseen v
Ernest Earick One-handed Convincing Control see page 90 for mention of the sleight as cull, force, palm, switch By Forces Unseen 83
Ernest Earick Covered Flippant block in centre is reversed with Simonoff's flippant action By Forces Unseen 116
Ernest Earick Deal-and-Load Production transfer of a card from packet to packet while turning over top card of one packet By Forces Unseen 136
Ernest Earick, S. W. Erdnase Diagonal Palm Shift, Delayed Handling By Forces Unseen 92
Ernest Earick Elevated Addition as packet is squared above pack By Forces Unseen 30
Ernest Earick Endfield Slip-Cut Variant By Forces Unseen 48
Ernest Earick Fingertip Coin Cut handling for producing a palmed coin from centre of deck By Forces Unseen 108
Ernest Earick Flippant Pop-Out Inspired byRelated to By Forces Unseen 123
Horace Goldin, Ernest Earick Goldin Change Variant snap change, nice clean up By Forces Unseen 21
Ernest Earick Zorro Break / Z-break two breaks with thumb base and fourth finger By Forces Unseen 115
Ernest Earick Katosoarus Toss card tossed from palm onto deck as other hand slapps the deck By Forces Unseen 100
Ernest Earick Lazy-Susan Tabled Palm tabled palm in left hand lateral palm By Forces Unseen 127
Ernest Earick Left-Hand Swivel Steal By Forces Unseen 74
Martin A. Nash, Ernest Earick Nash Multiple Shift variation By Forces Unseen 3
Ernest Earick Palm-to-Palm Transfer, classic to flat By Forces Unseen 96
Ernest Earick Palm-to-Palm Transfer, flat to classic By Forces Unseen 103
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Ernest Earick Palm-to-Palm Transfer (Hofzinser), variant 1 By Forces Unseen 76
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Ernest Earick Palm-to-Palm Transfer (Hofzinser), variant 2 at table edge By Forces Unseen 88
Ernest Earick Post-Peek Riffle Display By Forces Unseen 73
Ernest Earick Rotary Reverse as deck is turned overRelated to By Forces Unseen 19
Ernest Earick Spellbound Coin to Card Change By Forces Unseen 105
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Ernest Earick Spread Pass By Forces Unseen 28
Ernest Earick Swivel Load 1 from Tenkai palm to under deck or case By Forces Unseen 58
Ernest Earick Swivel Load 2 from LTP to under deck By Forces Unseen 66
Ernest Earick Swivel Steal Reverse palm and replacement as reverse By Forces Unseen 155
Ernest Earick Teeter-Totter Turnover Pass with screening action By Forces Unseen 113
Ernest Earick Tenkai Palm, modified By Forces Unseen 56
Ernest Earick Turnover Top Palm By Forces Unseen 42
Dai Vernon, Ernest Earick Vernon Shuffle Transfer, variant 1 Inspired by By Forces Unseen 170
Dai Vernon, Ernest Earick Vernon Shuffle Transfer, variant 2 Inspired by By Forces Unseen 180
Ernest Earick Step to Break Transfer By Forces Unseen 31
Ernest Earick Wrist Turn Steal from packet to top of pack By Forces Unseen 35
Ernest Earick Slip Cut Switch By Forces Unseen 47
Ernest Earick Card from Case extraction By Forces Unseen 60
Ken Krenzel Box Top card comes to top inside case, cased versionInspired byRelated to Ingenuities 3
Ernest Earick Little Finger Break Transfer as a packet is turned over, see also p. 191 Solomon's Mind 179
Troy Hooser Displ-Ace Aces put on deck, vanish and distribute in deckInspired by
  • "Slap Exchange" (Bill Goodwin, At the Expense of Grey Matter, 1989),
Related to
The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 70) 1455
Paul Curry Bottom Palm first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941Related to Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 26
Ernest Earick A False Cut tabled Penumbra (Issue 6) 2
Ernest Earick A Hand For Mr. Scarne Aces lost in deck, one shuffle, performer deals himself four times the Ace of Spades, transformation into different AcesInspired byRelated to Penumbra (Issue 6) 4
Ernest Earick Step to Break Transfer break retained as deck is turned over Penumbra (Issue 6) 4
Dai Vernon, Ernest Earick Transferring a bottom stock to the top - Handling brief Penumbra (Issue 6) 7
Scott Robinson Trading Spaces Kings face up distributed in deck change places with Aces on top of deckInspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 152
Ernest Earick, Eric Mead Rotary Reverse Handling Related to Tangled Web 169
Harry Lorayne Clip Reversal Related to Special Effects 110
Tony Cabral Five Aces same Ace dealt to oneself five times, changes into royal flush, different handlingsRelated toVariations Card Tricks for the Untrustworthy 38
Jason England A Curious Location selection lost, number up to ten named, performer cuts to this value and selection is found that many cards downInspired by Texas on a Saturday Night 16
Eric Evans One Handed Zorro getting into Z-Break one-handed, selection reverses in center as applicationRelated to 53 Friends 7
Ernest Earick Covered Flippant brief 53 Friends 8
Ernest Earick Mr. Earick's Collectors three cards are placed between aces and all cards in middle of deck, three cards vanish from between aces, the seven-card sandwich reappears on top of deck 53 Friends 39
Ernest Earick Rotary Reverse brief, see Rotary Reverse 53 Friends 41
Ernest Earick One-handed Convincing Control Stand-Up Fantasies 9
Tomas Blomberg Proteus Bound while the deck is in the card box
- Ambitious Card Ending
Inspired byRelated to Blomberg Laboratories 84
Ernest Earick Double Damned Also published here The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 123
Tom Frame Well-Appointed Stud Inspired byAlso published here
  • "Well-Appointed Stud" (Scary Hotels, 1995)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 129
Peter Duffie Fair Game Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • "Fair Game" (Card Selection, 1993)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 136
Nick Trost Mississippi Poker five phasesInspired byAlso published here
  • "Mississippi Poker" (Subtle Card Creations Vol. 2, 2009)
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 183