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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Dai Vernon One handed Palm unusual right clip position, multiple or singleVariations Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 41
Fred Robinson Ambitious Riser Related toVariationsAlso published here Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 8) 92
Paul Harris Think of a Card one of about twentyVariationsAlso published here The Magic of Paul Harris 45
Paul Harris Grasshopper Card vanishes between two Kings, travels to between another two KingsVariations SuperMagic 23
David Roth Chink A Chink Related toVariations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 1) 6
Allan Ackerman Reassembled Finale Variations Close-up Fantasies — Book II 79
Daryl Martinez, Paul Curry, Bill Simon Sleightly Touched unknown card reversed, magician locates card of same suit and valueVariations For Your Entertainment Pleasure 42
Ray Kosby Cooking With Oil & Water 4&4, separation and mixing phase The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 103
Bruce Cervon, Larry Jennings The Stripout Insertion Addition see credit correction (claim) on page lxixVariations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 23 & 24) 231
Paul Harris Sensuous Shuffle Triumph/Reverse routine with deck in incomplete riffle shuffle position, halves turn over and rise upRelated to Close-up Seductions 20
William Goodwin, Ray Kosby The Camel's Back straw wrapper is torn and restored, then reappears around straw The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 4 88
Ray Kosby The Sidewinder Pretzel straight bar-pretzel is pushed into fist and comes out at impossible angles, finally transforms into knotted standard pretzel The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 5 108
Ray Kosby One, Two, Three, 4 four sponge balls produced and put between fingers of the left hand, they change into a numeral four out of sponge Scratching the Surface 1
Ray Kosby Square 1 with backfire, three extra coinsInspired by Scratching the Surface 4
Ray Kosby Short Hop visual transposition from card between in-the-hand sandwich to tabled sandwich cardsInspired by Scratching the Surface 8
Ray Kosby Alignment Laydown apparently the bottom two cards of three cards are put on table, actually only one Scratching the Surface 8
Ray Kosby Sideways Alignment Move end grip, two-handed Scratching the Surface 9
Ray Kosby Sandwich Vanish sandwiched card vanishes via a one-handed palmInspired by Scratching the Surface 9
Ray Kosby Out of Space four Jacks shown, three Aces appear reversed between them, all Jacks change into final Ace leaving only the Aces Scratching the Surface 10
Ray Kosby Packet Switch Inspired by Scratching the Surface 10
Ray Kosby Interlaced Vanish Count Scratching the Surface 11
Ray Kosby Forward to the Beginning Inspired by Scratching the Surface 13
Ray Kosby Freedom of Choice four cards touched by spectator and outjogged, spread immediately held high and they are the AcesInspired by Scratching the Surface 15
Ray Kosby Raise Rise card visually rises up in the deckInspired byRelated to Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 11&12) 1
Ray Kosby One-Handed Bottom Change Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 11&12) 5
Ray Kosby Recurring Nightmare Professor's Nightmare with 3 different sized rubber bands Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 11&12) 6
Ray Kosby Elephant Rubber rubber band is stretched and is then large rubber band Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 7) 1
Ray Kosby Never The Twain Shall Mix 4&4, spectator and performer mix cards together Spectacle 41
Ray Kosby The Coffin Change visual change, used to make a card visibly vanish from case and reappear inside Spectacle 45
Ray Kosby False Shake-Out Spectacle 48
Stephen Minch On Ray Kosby short biography Spectacle 41
John Carney Versa Switch including credit informationRelated toVariations Carneycopia 89
Ken Krenzel Case-Tration three face routine, card ends up under cellophane, card through card case and then penetrates it again, duplicateInspired by The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 36) 648
Ray Kosby Tear For Two two sugar packets are torn and restored Life Savers 25
Ray Kosby, William Goodwin Surgical Copper/Silver Inspired by
  • "Copper/Silver Metamorphosis" (John Hostler, Linking Ring July 1987, Vol. 67 No. 7, p. 71)
Notes from the Batcave 5
Ray Kosby Deep Thought one of about twentyInspired byAlso published here Tricks 1
Ray Kosby Raise Rise Switch of outjogged card, one-handed, brief Tricks 1
Ray Kosby Venus Flytrap cards outjogged near the bottom visually sandwich card near the top Tricks 3
Ray Kosby The Bite apple changes color Tricks 5
Ray Kosby The Picnic Trick can is opened and restored Tricks 6
Ray Kosby Re-cased "If your audience does not notice the effect, do not mention it." Tricks 7
Ray Kosby Coin Thru Hand With Conservation of Linear Momentum Tricks 8
Ray Kosby Smudge case as vacuum cleaner for picking-off-a-pip, Ace in case then Tricks 9
Ray Kosby, William Goodwin Sleighty Retouched unknown card reversed, magician locates card of same suit and value, involving transformationInspired by Tricks 11
William Goodwin, Ray Kosby The Un-Topsy-Turvy Deck halves are left telescoped and spread - one half visibly rightsRelated toVariations The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 73
Michael Kaminskas Step by Step card rises visibly in stagesInspired by Miracle Material 47
Ray Kosby, Paul Harris Deep Thought one of about twentyAlso published here The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue The Magic of Paul Harris) 71
Ray Kosby, Paul Harris Simplified Raise-Rise as a switch of an upjogged card The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue The Magic of Paul Harris) 72
Ray Kosby The Coffin Change brief The Ancient Empty Street 5
William Goodwin Variation of "He Who Spelt it, Dealt it" sent in by Ray KosbyInspired by The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
Rudolph Herzog, Ray Kosby, Joseph K. Schmidt, Rafael Benatar Our Readers Respond The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
Ray Kosby Mismatched matchbook turns inside out Penumbra (Issue 2) 3
Ray Kosby, Lance Charles, George Pughe Coffin Change with credit information, for further credits see Issue 11, p. 1VariationsAlso published here Penumbra (Issue 8) 14
Ray Kosby, Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings K.J.V. Oil and Water 4&4, four phases, with mixing phase Up In Smoke 21
Nathan Kranzo Standing Up to Ray & Bill Triumph with visual restorationInspired by The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 83
David Acer The Immiscible Eight 4&4, three phases, only first phase is Acer's and is described hereRelated to The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 19
George Pughe, Ray Kosby, Lance Charles Coffin Change Also published here Moments 53
Ricky Smith, Ray Kosby, William Goodwin Two Phase Ambitious Card Routine Inspired by
  • "A Foregone Conclusion" (Ray Kosby & Bill Goodwin, Genii June 2000)
Nothing as it Seems 37
Ray Kosby Raise Rise to make a card appear Sobre Magia de Cerca 35
Ray Kosby, Fred Robinson Ambitious Riser Move card rises out of center Distilled 95